Lewis thinking lighter, faster in 17th season

July 25, 2012 | Luke Jones

“It hits me definitely that I’m blessed,” Lewis said. “It’s just being blessed that I’ve been able to maintain through my injuries and through the ups and downs of this game. I think it’s a credit to my work ethic and just everything that I bought into over the years. Every year, I’m always trying to change; I’m always trying to come back better for my team.”

Only time will tell whether the lighter weight will bear fruits in 2012.

We’ve speculated about the end of his career for the last three or four years, but Lewis is focused solely on helping the Ravens get one step further than they did a year ago.

He says retirement isn’t on his mind, even if it’s all anyone else can think about while savoring the final act — however long it still might last — of his career.

“Whenever it happens, hopefully I am walking and still doing the things that I am doing [now],” Lewis said. “But I love the game too much, and I have a great connection to Baltimore. As long as I am playing and my body feels great, then I’ll keep doing it.”

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  1. Steve from Sandpoint Says:

    The Ultimate Player, The Ultimate Role Model, Always about the Team, what he has to do to make the Team better, I hope Ed Reed reads this article.

  2. Al Says:


    I’m not sure if Ray Lewis playing lighter in his position is a “good idea”, but I do feel it represents his only option to remain on the field for all 3 downs…at 43, I feel like I’ve turned back my biological clock by 10 years and it’s primarily due to one factor–I dropped 35 lbs in 2009 when I added distance running to compliment my workouts. While my speed is probably the same as I was 5-6 years ago at a heavier weight, I know that carrying that extra weight now being 4 years at 40 and older would be killing my knees and heart–and I’m not trying to run down people 10-15 years my junior to remain employed.

    Gregg Lloyd was a beast at linebacker at 225 lbs in the 90s and I expect that Ray Lewis will be rejuvenated playing lighter, at least early on in the season before the hits start taxing his lighter frame. This said, none of us can beat Father Time in the long run but we can make our clocks tick slower by being cognizant of our health. Nice piece Luke.


    (L.J. – Thank you, Al. You make good points, and I agree this is his only course of action to remain a three-down linebacker. I do wonder how much this could impact his physicality in playing the run, however.)

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