Live from 1 Winning Drive

April 26, 2008 |

So it is a little bit of a maze to get through the front door here as Sal Pal from ESPN is doing his live shots from just inside the door. Down the hall just outside of the auditorium Scott Hanson from NFL Network is set up to do things. Inside the auditorium is the t.v.’s that are set up for the media to watch the draft.
It is pretty quiet around here right now, not a lot of movement from Ravens staff. As I drove into the facility, the owner’s car was not even here yet. I personally am about to go check out the dining room set up for the media which has great food and projector screen’s with the draft on it.

Driving in I heard Jay Glazer of Foxsports report that the Falcons are going to take Matt Ryan with the number three overall pick, and now there is talk that McFadden is going to the Raiders. So I can eliminate my belief that Ryan is coming here and hope that I am right by either Branden Albert or Keith Rivers falling to the Ravens.


There are several rumors flying around here at the facility:
-Rams and Ravens on the phone talking trade. There have even been reports that Terrell Suggs could be included in the deal. There is belief that this could be a move by the Rams to try and get the Falcons to jump up in front of them to take Matt Ryan so the Rams can still take Long and get another pick.
-There are also rumors out there that the Ravens could be talking to teams like the Saints about moving back to take Chad Henne.
I am still going to stick with Branden Albert who Mike Mayock of NFL Network has Ravens taking.

A funny moment happened on NFL Network when Adam Schefter was talking about the Ravens moving up with the Rams he mentioned that last year the Ravens were going to move up to take Brady Quinn. Billick then said they were not really pushing to move up for Quinn. He then said that he did not thing that the Ravens had enough to move up and take Matt Ryan, but said he did not think he was going to get fired either.

So the word I am hearing is that the Ravens think that Joe Flacco will be there when they pick at 26. The though process is that Henne will be gone before then. There is a distinct chance that both of them could be there or could be gone. If they are both there, I say they take Henne.
I also would not rule out the chance that Brandon Flowers could be of interest to the Ravens at #38.


Here is another sleeper pick and I was told about this guy at the combine and that the Ravens like him…Phillip Merling, DE, Clemson. They attended his pro day this Thursday, there is come concerns about him coming off of a sports hernia.
I also could see the Ravens trading up higher into second round. Perhaps they could call the Falcons to try and move up a spot or two if the quarterbacks are still there.


So as the second round gets ready to come around, I still think that the Ravens could be looking at Brandon Flowers from Va Tech or Phillip Merling from Clemson.
If you want to hear the Ravens take on drafting Joe Flacco and hear directly from Joe, check out the audio in the Toyotaliveweb audio vault.