Live From Owings Mills: Derrick Mason Meets With Media

April 14, 2010 | Glenn Clark

2:18-Hear from Derrick Mason, John Harbaugh and Ozzie Newsome NOW in the Audio Vault at

1:45-Here are some highlights from today’s press conference:

-Newsome “When you look at the number of free agents that have been brought into Baltimore…I don’t think any have been as productive” as Mason
-Harbaugh: “We wanted to strengthen our football team. There was no one better available than” Mason
-Mason: “The next couple of years will be great, especially when we win a championship this upcoming season.”
-Mason: “For to go anywhere else would have been a step back.”
-Mason: “I feel great about” the additions Ravens have made at WR
-Mason: Boldin “has been consistent” over his career.
-Mason: “I know what I’m gonna get out of Mark (Clayton)…he’ll only get better.”
-Mason: “I considered” retirement. “Physically I felt great…I still do.” Added retirement thoughts were more “mental.”
-Mason: “I can play five more years.”
-Mason says “being behind a microphone” would have been part of his retirement plans.
-Mason: “I can’t think about” whether this is his final contract. “I’m worried about this season.”
-Mason compared role with new WR’s to “a favorite pair of pants. Just because you buy a new pair, do you get rid of the old ones?”
-Mason: “I want to win a Super Bowl.”
-Mason: “I don’t know what Ed (Reed)’s decision is. He’s a very emotional person.”
-Mason: “I hope (Ed Reed) doesn’t” retire.
-Harbaugh on WR depth: “I think great players want to add great players.”
-Mason says Larry Fitzgerald told him Boldin was “a great leader.”
-Mason says offense “most complete on paper” since he’s been in Baltimore. “We mesh.”
-Mason says he had accepted there was a chance he might not come back to Baltimore during offseason.
-Newsome wouldn’t discuss which WR’s might end up making roster.

1:11-Greetings from 1 Winning Drive, where Ravens WR Derrick Mason, Coach John Harbaugh and GM Ozzie Newsome are set to meet with the Baltimore media to discuss the new 2 year, $8 million contract Mason agreed to just a few weeks ago. After considering retirement during the offseason, Mason and the team reached the agreement on March 10.

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