Live From Owings Mills: Donte’ Stallworth Meets The Media

April 01, 2010 | Glenn Clark

1:40-Here are some of the highlights from this afternoon’s event with Donte’ Stallworth here at 1 Winning Drive:

says “70% percent” of the messages he’s gotten from Ravens fans have been about how they “dislike” Steelers
“I’m not a bad person, that’s not how my mom raised me.”
“I’ve become a better decision maker”…”making one bad decision can snowball into a whole terrible incident.”
“One incident doesn’t define a person at all. I could’ve used better judgment and I didn’t.”
“I’ve known Anquan (Boldin) before, I’m excited to learn some things from (Derrick) Mason as well.”
Flacco “throws a real nice, catchable ball.”
says he considered Lions before signing with Ravens… “There’s nowhere else I’d rather go.”
-on his role with team: “Wherever they need me, that’s where I’ll be.”
says the year off helped his hamstring, but he still has to do “maintenance work” on it.
“I wasn’t really expecting” to hear from the Ravens, getting the call was “like a dream come true.”
says he values playing in the NFL now more than ever.
“If I could go back and take that night over, I would.”
says only contact he has with Reyes family is through his lawyers, lawyers for their family.
says dealing with manslaughter “a daily process”, “a tough situation for everyone involved.” Says he has a “great support group”
says he “tried to keep up with the guys” through his workouts during year off.
says he already has a plan for “getting to and from work” despite not being able to drive.
says he’s had to “keep faith and persevere” during year off.
says he talked to Ray Rice about winning Super Bowl this season with Ravens
pledged to make himself available to media throughout the season.
“Good mix of youth and veteran leadership on this team.”

-Stallworth was introduced by WR Coach Jim Hostler, who described him as “an outstanding person” and “great teammate” with a “great heart.” He also described him as “tough”, especially for “a fast guy.”

1:31-Hear from Donte’ Stallworth now in the Audio Vault at Donte’ was introduced by Ravens WR Coach Jim Hostler.

12:45-Greetings from 1 Winning Drive, where new(ish) Ravens wide receiver Donte’ Stallworth will meet the Baltimore media today for the first time since the team acquired him. The Ravens decided to delay his introduction to let him get situated in town and with his teammates as he comes off a 1 year suspension due to a DUI manslaughter conviction.

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