Live From Owings Mills: Harbaugh says “No Way” McGahee will be traded

October 18, 2010 | Glenn Clark

Harbaugh reiterated that McGahee didn’t play Sunday because the Ravens “felt good” about starting RB Ray Rice. “As we started calling the plays and (RB Coach) Wilbert (Montgomery) and (Offensive Coordinator) Cam (Cameron) were rotating the backfield, they just felt like Ray was going good.” He added “the plays we were calling were good for Ray, the team we were playing, the surface we were on were good for Ray and we just decided to stick with Ray.” Harbaugh did also point out “you’ll see plenty of Willis as we go forward.”

Harbaugh also dismissed the notion that McGahee didn’t play because the team was disciplining him for any reason; saying “Willis has been great. Willis is 100% on top of everything…he’s been tremendous.”

-Harbaugh confirmed that Safety Ed Reed and LB Brendon Ayanbadejo will return to practice Wednesday. Both players missed the first six weeks of the season while on the Physically Unable to Perform (PUP) list. Harbaugh said RB Matt Lawrence will not yet return to practice, he has also been on the PUP list. The Ravens will have a 21 day window during which to decide whether or not to activate those players. Should either Reed or Ayanbadejo be activated before Sunday’s game, Harbaugh confirmed that the Ravens would have to make a corresponding roster move by 4pm Saturday.

Harbaugh said there is no guarantee Reed will play Sunday, as there remains a question as to “can he play.” Harbaugh noted “I think it’s going to be something we have to figure out. He hasn’t practiced since last season, so how’s he going to respond to practice and football and bursting and all that. And then how many reps can he take-it’s going to all be up in the air.”