Live From Owings Mills: Harbaugh’s First Monday Presser Marks Calm to Start of Regular Season

September 07, 2009 | Glenn Clark

3:23-Little to take from the first press conference of the regular season, but since I’m your trusted Ravens analyst, I guess I’ll try to break some stuff down for you anyway.

I can’t help but notice the “calm” presence around the organization this year. With the head coach in his 2nd year now and the QB position settled; there is a greater sense of “normality” around this team. No one is on the hot seat, none of the players are acting like divas, and there aren’t any MAJOR questions football-wise.

When John Harbaugh said that winning a Championship was an “unspoken” goal, it really conveyed to me the level of confidence this team currently has. They don’t NEED to talk about winning championships because there’s not a man in the organization that doesn’t believe they can.

To say that this is “business is usual” might be passing it off too easily, but it REALLY does feel that way. There’s a football game Sunday, and then there are at least 15 more after that. The team thinks they will probably win more of those football games than they will lose.

You can hear from John Harbaugh NOW in the Audio Vault at The team is off tomorrow, but you will hear more throughout the week on AM1570 and

3:00-John Harbaugh:

-“We went through each and every guy. Everybody had their say” before team made cuts.
-“We think we kept the 53 best guys at this time that we could.”
-“Obviously we’re confident” in Hauschka. “He’s gonna miss some kicks.” Team will be watching how he “handles” misses.
-Frank Walker is a “heck of a football player.”
-“We can play with” 4 Wide Receivers. Safe to assume other players on roster could line up at Wide Receiver.
-“We know what we’re up against” with Chiefs.
-Chiefs have advantage with new staff, as other teams don’t know yet what they’re going to do.
-“We’re not sure” whether Marshal Yanda can go the whole game Sunday
-“Unspoken” that the ultimate goal is to win a Championship.
-“We talk to Willie (Anderson) all the time”, he’s not physically ready to play NFL football right now.

2:08-You can hear from both Derrick Mason and Domonique Foxworth NOW in the Audio Vault at

For reference, Ravens VP/”Grand Poobah” of the PR Department Kevin Byrne let us know after Domonique spoke that players receive just two comp tickets to every home game. He also said players receive NO comps for away games.

1:52-Domonique Foxworth:

-“What (Matt) Cassel did with Patriots last year was amazing.”
-“I’ve gotten probably over a couple hundred ticket requests for this game.” (He’s getting ten tickets.)
-Used to say he was a fan of whatever team would pay him, but now plays for the team he actually rooted for.
-“I always thought Ozzie was the best talent evaluator in the league.”
-I feel like I’ve “let loose” with Ravens defense.

1:39-Derrick Mason:

-Mark Clayton “is gonna be great this year.”
-Offense is “light years” ahead of where we were last year
-Shoulder is fine…..”it’s football.”
-My motivation was to win a Super Bowl…….”I’m starving”
-“Possibly my last year”
-“I think everyone bought into” Harbaugh. “We know what to expect from him, he knows what to expect from us. Everyone knows what to expect from Coach.”
-“To have Lorenzo (Neal) back would be a plus.”

1:32-We’re back out at 1 Winning Drive; where John Harbaugh’s first weekly press conference of the regular season is scheduled at 3pm. We’re also expected to hear from WR Derrick Mason and CB Domonique Foxworth today.

Just a couple of quick notes:

-Obviously the “Tony Pashos to Baltimore” rumors can be squashed, as he signed in San Francisco. He joins former Ravens O-Line coach Chris Foerster.
-Todd Haley and Larry Johnson are scheduled for conference calls this week with the Baltimore media. Usually a QB is scheduled for a call.