Live from Owings Mills: Harbaugh Confirms Webb Will Miss Season, Won’t Rule Out McAlister

December 21, 2009 | Glenn Clark

4:08-Hear from John Harbaugh NOW in the Audio Vault at

Also, Domonique Foxworth joined Drew Forrester on “The Comcast Morning Show” this morning on AM1570 WNST, you can hear that in the Audio Vault as well.

3:44-Here are some highlights from John Harbaugh:

-“Compliments to the crowd, the stadium people and the fans for getting there” for Bears game.
-“You obviously want to be playing well when it’s most important”, but in NFL “it’s most important every week.”
-He confirmed Lardarius Webb will miss season with ACL injury, but said team hasn’t made any decisions on what they’ll do moving forward.
-He said team would be looking for CB who could help as early as Pittsburgh game.
-on McAlister: “We’re open to bringing anyone back.”
-on injuries: “We’re gonna get some guys back…..hopefully.”
-believes Ed Reed has been “trying hard to get back.”
-says improved play from #Flacco has a lot to do with guys around him
-believes Demetrius Williams “has remade himself” as a football player; but he’s still learning offense and lined up incorrectly even at times during Bears game
-No consideration made to place Mark Clayton on IR
-Roethlisberger “handles pressure probably better than any other QB” in NFL
-Controlling own destiny “is a challenge.”
-“We’ll probably have another defensive back on this team by Wednesday.”
-thinks Mendenhall and Willie Parker both “great backs.”
-Troy Polamalu “changes everything” for Steelers defense

3:09-Greetings from 1 Winning Drive, where John Harbaugh will address the media at 3:45. There will be plenty to talk about after yesterday’s win over the Chicago Bears, and with a game against the “arch rival” (Harbs’ own words) Pittsburgh Steelers looming Sunday. The Ravens could clinch an AFC Wild Card berth with a victory (and a ton of help), or they could put themselves in a position to sweat out a trip to Oakland in Week 17.

The biggest question looming is what the Ravens will do now after what is all but confirmed to be a torn ACL for Lardarius Webb. The name Chris McAlister has floated around more today than the words “Code Red” did this weekend on the local news. McAlister remains unlikely, but WNST’s own Drew Forrester confirmed that the team is “evaluating” their former Pro Bowl CB. The relationship between John Harbaugh and C-Mac is NOT the only thing that would prevent McAlister from returning to Baltimore. Despite the fact that he was playing with the Saints just a couple of weeks ago, it is unknown what type of shape he’s in. (Believe me, Chris may or may not have assumed his season was over.)

The Ravens also do not necessarily HAVE to make a move at CB. With Domonique Foxworth and Chris Carr the likely starters Sunday; they have 3 active CB’s behind them in Frank Walker, Cary Williams and Marcus Paschal. This may not be what Ravens want to hear, but those players are on the active roster for a reason. Also, should Ed Reed and KJ Gerard return this week-Gerard could be used at CB if necessary. A lot could happen.

I’ll update shortly with more from Harbaugh.