Live From Owings Mills: Harbaugh Presser and Pats Make a Roster Move

September 28, 2009 | Glenn Clark

10:30-The Patriots made a roster move today, signing veteran Defensive Lineman Terdell Sands. Sands will work as an “insurance policy” for Vince Wilfork, who was injured in the Patriots’ win over the Falcons Sunday according to Mike Reiss of To make room for Sands on the roster, the Pats let go of former Ravens LB Prescott Burgess, who they had acquired in a trade last Tuesday. Because the trade was for a conditional draft pick, the Patriots will not have to give up their 7th rounder to the Ravens-as Burgess did not play Sunday.

4:28-You can hear from John Harbaugh NOW in the Audio Vault at

3:45-Here are some highlights from John Harbaugh’s Weekly Press Conference:

-“Lot of good things, lot of things we need to get better at” from #Browns game.
-Success started with “shutting down (Josh) Cribbs.”
-“I thought we tackled well” against Browns
-“I have no idea” if we can re-define what “Ravens football” is all about.
-on McGahee: “The role is whatever you carve out as a player.”
-Looks like (LJ Smith, etc.) “held up pretty well.” Ravens dealing with “new concussions”, but Harbaugh wouldn’t identify which players.
-Matt Birk gave Shaun Rogers “a heck of a battle”, looked like a “stalemate.”
-Offensive Line play “a credit and product of work.”
-“Offense’s job to make the defense be great…..defense’s job to make the offense be great. We want to compliment each other.”
-on secondary: Our guys “did a really nice job of maintaining their level of play in the face of scrutiny.”
-on talking to Mangini after game: “Coaches in this league do a great job.” “You respect the effort that their coach put in.”
-“We’ve got great respect for everything that’s been accomplished” by Belichick and Patriots.
-“It’s exciting to go and play in places like” Gillette Stadium
-on starting season 3-0: “Winning is always good.”
-LJ Smith “can be a force for us.”
-Paul Kruger “is doing a good job….at some point in time, he’s gonna be really important to us.”
-Remembering Houston/Buffalo comeback “goes through your mind” when you’re deciding when to pull starters
-” I couldn’t care less” about comparisons between Joe Flacco and Tom Brady
-Flacco “sees things better”, is “quicker with the ball” this season. “there’s a thousand things Joe does better than he did” in ’08.
-“You’ve got to admire everything about what the Patriots have done.”
-on defensive laterals: “I like it” when it works out well. “You can’t just play the game scared. When we get an interception, our idea is to score.” Ravens have rules about who can pitch and who can be pitched to.
-“I don’t have any new information” about Samari Rolle.
-“We want “aggressive ball security” from Chris Carr.

3:40-You can hear from Trevor Pryce NOW in the Audio Vault at John Harbaugh is scheduled to speak momentarily.

3:15-Here are some highlights from Trevor Pryce:

-Ravens moved past Browns win “today”
-“You have to at least frustrate Tom Brady. You’re not going to sack him because he’ll get rid of the ball. But if you don’t at least do that you don’t have a chance.”
-“A lot of things have to go really right for a defensive lineman to get a sack.”
-You have “to rush the same way every chance you get.”
-“I remember crying my eyes out” that I couldn’t be on the field the last time Ravens played the Pats.
-There’s a “fine line” between getting a penalty and playing through the whistle. “We have a lot of pride in being one of those teams who CAN” walk that line.
-“There’s not much you can take from playing only 3 games, expect for your record.”
-“Watching (the offense) on Sunday…..they ran plays that I’ve never seen…..I’ll be damned if Cleveland knew what was going on.”
-What offense did Sunday was “hard to defend” for Browns, he actually felt sorry for them.
-Tom Brady “at or near the top” of every NFL quarterback he’s seen/played against.
-He expects “another hard week of practice” leading up to NE game.
-“I have very high standards for what I want to do”, but not worried about stats.
-“I can’t stress enough” the importance of offense holding the ball for long periods of time. He expects defensive statistics to be down because offense is limiting how much they’re on the field.
-“Every reason to be excited” about offensive performance.
-“What I’ve seen from our offense so far compares” to the great Broncos offenses he was a part of.

3:00-We’re back out at 1 Winning Drive, where John Harbaugh will re-hash everything from the Ravens’ 34-3 stomping of the Browns and preview this week’s trip to Foxborough to face the 2-1 New England Patriots. Harbaugh is scheduled to speak at 3:45, DE Trevor Pryce will speak at 3:15.

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