Live From Owings Mills: John Harbaugh’s Weekly Press Conference

October 05, 2009 | Glenn Clark

5:11-Prescott Burgess is here at 1 Winning Drive, and was seen unloading bags just a minute ago. Again, this move was imminent. I expect it to be made official tomorrow.

5:00-Bengals WR Chad Ochocinco said on his official Twitter page today (@OGOchocinco) the following….

-“Damn I just got cut!!! WTF!!!”
-“Oh well, damn I was looking forward to playing against Baltimore, they shut the front door on me!!!!”

I do not believe either of these statements to be accurate, personally.

4:57-According to, Marvin Lewis told the media in Cincy today that the Bengals should have all of their players available Sunday with the exception of rookie OT Andre Smith. LB Rashad Jeanty is battling a dislocated finger stemming from their win over the Browns Sunday, they will have more info on his injury Wednesday.

4:33-Hear from John Harbaugh and Matt Birk NOW in the Audio Vault at!

4:30-Despite the fact that John Harbaugh denied it, expect the Prescott Burgess news to be official sometime tomorrow. Tuesdays are the day to make moves in the NFL, as there is still a game to be played tonight. I have heard from reliable sources that Burgess’ return is a done deal, and it is ABSOLUTELY the move that makes the most sense for this team.

4:08-Highlights from Matt Birk:

-“They won, we lost.” “We didn’t play well enough.”
-Flacco “as good as advertised if not better.”
-Having ball at end of game with chance is kind of “a positive”, but “a negative because we didn’t get it done.”
-Only good thing to come from losing is how you “scrutinize yourself”
-Injuries like Gaither’s “part of the game”
-Oher was dealing with a situation coming in at LT where “everything is backwards”
-On run/pass differential: “that’s just the way it played out.”
-On Baltimore fans: “They love the team.”
-“You can’t do anything BUT move on” after losses
-Doesn’t think at all about how life would be different if he were still in Minnesota playing with Brett Favre

3:46-Highlights from John Harbaugh:

-“I want to express our heartfelt condolences for (former Sun sports editor) Tim Wheatley” (Wheatley died in a car crash this morning)
-“We don’t have any apologies for the way we played” against Patriots
-“They write the rulebook to be fair”
-“It looks like Brendon (Ayanbadejo) will be out of the year”, “We have not re-signed anybody.”
-“If (losses aren’t) hard for you, you should probably find another line of work”
-He has not had any conversations with anyone from the NFL regarding officiating in yesterday’s game; but plans to send video of questionable plays to league
-He just wants officiating to be “fair and consistent”
-Referenced 5 times Joe Flacco was hit, said only 1 time Patriots had call go against them
-When he was hit with penalty: “I felt like I was defending my team”
-Mark Clayton “seems good” mentally following late drop yesterday
-“Every game is going to be different” as far as run/pass differential is concerned
-“How you respond to a loss to critically important.”
-“We fully expected the Bengals to be really good this year.”
-He thought Dannell Ellerbe “played well” in first game action; Paul Kruger got “good start” in limited action
-Thought secondary played “exceptionally well.”
-Clayton’s drop “wasn’t the play of the game”, there were other plays that players are beating themselves up about from loss
-“we’re not disappointed in Chris Carr.”
-Ravens “hopeful” Jared Gaither can play this week against Cincinnati
-He’s “very impressed” by what Ayanbadejo did this season

3:35-Via the Ravens’ Official Twitter account (@1WinningDrive); Adam Caplan of is reporting that the team will place Brendon Ayanbadejo on IR and re-sign Prescott Burgess of the Pats’ practice squad. This is what I predicted immediately after the game and should be of no surprise to ANYONE.

3:10-Greetings from 1 Winning Drive, where we are going to hear from Matt Birk and John Harbaugh today. We will be looking back on the Ravens’ 27-21 loss to the Patriots yesterday in Foxborough, and looking ahead to Sunday’s game with the Bengals at M&T Bank Stadium. The most pressing questions today surround injuries to Brendon Ayanbadejo and Jared Gaither. As I was entering the complex today, I noticed Ayanbadejo pulling away. He believed he would miss the rest of the season with a torn quad. We’ll hopefully find out for sure.