Live From Owings Mills: Harbaugh Concedes He’s “Not Optimistic” Samari Rolle Will Play This Season

October 19, 2009 | Glenn Clark

4:18=Hear from John Harbaugh NOW in the Audio Vault at

3:45-Highlights from John Harbaugh:

-“There’s positives, there’s negatives” to take from loss to Vikings
-All of the team’s problems are very “solvable”
-Hauschka “wants to be in that situation again, and wants to make that kick.”
-“We have an idea” of what we need to do to improve defensively
-“We cannot continue to give up big plays……big plays are the problem.”
-Beching Fabian was “my call all the way. Fabian is going to be back out there playing again.”
-“We need to” play Lardarius Webb more at cornerback
-“If you want to play meaningful games in November”, you have to win games in October. If we want to play meaningful games in December we have to win games in November.
-“Fewer reps” makes Trevor Pryce more effective.
-Team will meet and practice tomorrow and Wednesday, then have Thursday-Sunday off.
-“I’m not very optimistic at all” Samari Rolle will be able to return based on medical information.
-“I wouldn’t be surprised” if we made trade or didn’t make trade before deadline.
-“I got a lot of respect for” Terrell Owens. “Is anything happening there? Not that I know of.”
-Gaither “was close” to being ready to play Sunday
-Tyree needed to get into “football shape”…..”he’s gonna be playing for us.”
-Thought #Oher “played well” in “tough environment.”
-Katula’s snap was “not perfect” on Hauschka’s field goal attempt
-Lardarius Webb “officially” kick returner.
-Greg Mattison “is a great coach.”

3:30-I saw this earlier today and COMPLETELY forgot to post it. From (and thanks to e-mailer Phillip for reminding me)…..

…Not this week, as show regular Jared Allen tore into Baltimore Ravens tackle Michael Oher after the rookie criticized the Vikings DE following Sunday’s game in Minnesota.
After holding the sack-happy Allen to just one sack Sunday, Oher told the Baltimore Sun that “There is nothing really special about him … I think he found out I’m an OK player. Guy makes like $100 million. I think I did all right.”
On his Monday show, Allen shared his response with Glazer. “Well, that’s just some idiot trying to talk himself up,” Allen said. “I beat that dude like a red-headed step child, let’s be honest. If he was so good why did they have to chip me all day? Ask him that.
“That’s just a rookie trying to build his self-confidence up. Besides, you lost and your quarterback spent his whole day on the back of his head until the fourth quarter. That guy (Oher) will watch film today and realize. Everybody else in the world saw me abuse him.”

In fairness, Jared Allen would have to be declared the “winner” of that battle-but he CERTRAINLY did not beat Michael Oher “like a red-headed step child.” Allen is an absolute maniac, which is something else you must keep in perspective.

3:28-Hear from Joe Flacco NOW in the Audio Vault at

3:15-Highlights from Joe Flacco:

-Mindset of team “as good as it could be” after 3rd straight tough loss
-“Obviously we could be better” but we still control our own destiny in the division
-“My ankle’s great……no big deal”
-Thought Oher, Offensive line “did a great job” against Vikes
-“It was definitely a cool experience” to play against Favre, “a lot of fun”
-“We always want to get off to a fast start, we always want to finish as strong as we did.”
-“I don’t know” if we can take anything from having responded after 2-3 start last year
-“The game’s never over ’til it’s over.”

2:25-Arguably the two most important men in the city will be addressing the media today following the Ravens’ 33-31 loss to the Vikings yesterday in Minneapolis. Joe Flacco is scheduled to talk to the media at 3:15, while John Harbaugh is scheduled to talk to the media at 3:45. Some of the relevant discussion points today include:

-How is Joe’s ankle holding up following the beating he took yesterday in the Metrodome? Will it cause him to be limited at all this week?
-Speaking of which, how much work will the team put in this week? Coming off 3 straight losses, you would imagine the team will probably have a slightly greater workload than if they were hitting the bye at 6-0.
-Any update on Samari Rolle as he becomes eligible to come off the PUP list?
-What personnel questions might the Ravens be addressing this week, especially as they face the trade deadline?

Do I expect all of these questions to be answered? Of course not. But they are certainly relevant talking points. Make sure you follow us on Twitter (@WNST) for the quickest updates.