Live From Owings Mills: John Harbaugh’s Weekly Press Conference

November 02, 2009 | Glenn Clark

7:52-I have been poking around to try to find out if the Ravens might be interested in former Chargers WR Chris Chambers-who was released today. So far I haven’t gotten a good sense. It looks like Chambers will easily clear waivers-as he would be owed some 2+ million dollars the rest of the season. But even as a free agent, Chambers may not be a good fit in Baltimore. He doesn’t really address a need-as he’s no taller than Derrick Mason or Mark Clayton. He IS a veteran, and he has a reputation as a hard worker.

Cam Cameron has experience with Chambers-as both were together in Miami in 2007 before the Dolphins traded Chambers to San Diego just before the trade deadline.

Good fit? Maybe. Likely to happen? I don’t get that idea.

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3:46-Here are some highlights from John Harbaugh:

(There is a group of girls from the Roland Park school “NFL Fan Club” sitting in on the press conference. One young lady was allowed to ask the first question.)

“I was impressed by how the secondary stepped up”….”I thought they played really well.”
-Declined comment on Ngata injury, deferring to Wednesday injury report
-“We were able to stay on schedule” offensively and defensively with manageable 3rd downs on each side

“What happened last week really doesn’t have much to do with this week” against Bengals
“We stuck to the same schedule” during bye week whether we were 3-3 or 6-0, thought differences were “inside.”
“I thought coverage was really good” in win
-Improvements defensively were “both” Mattison’s scheme AND execution.
-“I’m not sure” how much playing LT for 3 weeks helped Michael Oher right now, but helped for down the line
-Harbs declined comment on Ed Reed offsides penalty
-“I haven’t heard anything from” McGahee about lack of playing time
-On Bengals game: “This game matters.”
-Frank Walker “a big part of our team”
Jarret Johnson “is a very tough guy”, shoulder injury “is nothing that he can’t play through.”
-Vic Fangio “doing a great job” of using young LB’s in Dannell Ellerbe and Tavares Gooden
-“You will see Lardarius Webb on punt returns at some point”
-Chris Carr “has played well” defensively and on punt returns.
-“We were glad to be at home……..every city is not like Baltimore” in terms of support for team through struggles
-“I’m not concerned about” Oher penalty

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(Also, Steve Hauschka joined Drew Forrester this morning on “The Comcast Morning Show”-you can hear from the kicker in the Audio Vault at well.)

3:07-Here are some highlights from Derrick Mason:

-“There was no panicking, there was no pressure” going into game against Broncos
-“Every game is pivotal from this point on.”
-“3rd and manageable” has lead to offensive success
-“If you capitalize on” 3rd down, “you win games.”
-Ray Rice’s ability to run the ball and catch the ball out of the backfield has allowed for team to have greater offensive balance
-Key to 2nd half was “to come out on a good note.”
-No huddle used to “put pressure” on Broncos defense
-Kelley Washington’s success on 3rd down allowed him to be left 1 on 1 for TD catch
-Flacco’s TD throw “wasn’t big league…..just a regular throw” (he was smiling while he said this)
-on playing against guys as good as Brian Dawkins & Champ Bailey: “You wouldn’t want it any other way.”
-on early penalty: “After a while, you just get pissed off.” He added that he’s seen penalties called for much less, including “Brandon Marshall’s phantom” pass interference call-made on Domonique Foxworth

2:46-Greetings from 1 Winning Drive, where John Harbaugh’s weekly Monday press conference is scheduled for 3:45. In the meantime, we’ll hear from WR Derrick Mason.

Hoping for more information on Haloti Ngata-but not expecting it until Wednesday. Still some lingering questions from Sunday’s win over the Denver Broncos; and we’ll look ahead to this coming Sunday’s trip to Paul Brown Stadium to face the Cincinnati Bengals.