Live from Owings Mills: John Harbaugh’s Weekly Press Conference

December 14, 2009 | Glenn Clark

4:13-According to our pal Mike Florio at Sports; CBS blocked NBC from being able to flex Ravens/Steelers onto their “Sunday Night Football” broadcast for Week 16. NBC will stick with Redskins/Cowboys. In all fairness, even if NBC had the option to flex Ravens/Steelers; it is PARTICULARLY unlikely that they would choose a Ravens/Steelers game that may or may not have any playoff implications at that point over a rivalry like Redskins/Cowboys-or frankly any game that involves the Cowboys whatsoever. You can only put the Cowboys in primetime so many times-trust me when I say that no network is interested in giving up any of those games-especially with the Cowboys in the thick of the NFC playoff race.

4:11-Hear from John Harbaugh NOW in the Audio Vault at! Also, OT Oniel Cousins joined Drew Forrester this morning on “The Comcast Morning Show” on AM1570 WNST a morning after making his first career NFL start (and first appearance all season). You can hear from him in the Audio Vault as well.

3:45-Highlights from John Harbaugh:

-“1st, 2nd year players stepped up and played really well.”
-“Hand jostling used to be acceptable” from DB’s and WR’s, only from WR’s now
-Antwan (Barnes) “has done a good job.”
-Ray Rice could have stayed in game with chest injury
-“Tom Zbikowski especially has played well” with Ed Reed hurt
-Demetrius Williams has played better in practice, which has lead to more “confidence” on the field
-“We’re interested in” Colts-Jaguars game Thursday night, but Ravens “have to take care of business” against Bears
-Thinks conference record could ultimately determine who gets AFC Wild Card spots
-“We want to be an all weather offense…’ve got to be able to throw the ball in December too.”
-TE depth is a “concern”
-Gaither has “lower back tightness…..he can go.” “Optimistic” Clayton, Reed and Gaither could all return Sunday.
-Ravens had veterans meeting last week….told young guys to “follow vets” as they “lead the way.”
-Ray Lewis told young players they’d remember “these Decembers for the rest of your life.”
-“When you click in practice, that’s how you build momentum for a game.”
-on Ray Rice’s performance: “I didn’t like that fumble too much in the redzone.”
-He was very impressed by performance of Oniel Cousins
-He got to know Jay Cutler coaching AFC Pro Bowl team last year
-Didn’t have reason for why Willis McGahee didn’t come in on the 3rd drive-deferring to Cam Cameron’s availability later in the week.
-“I’m excited” to have Brian Billick call Sunday’s game for FOX.

3:40-Greetings from 1 Winning Drive, where John Harbaugh’s weekly Monday press conference will get underway momentarily. Coach will re-hash yesterday’s win over the Detroit Lions and look forward to next Sunday’s visit from the Chicago Bears. Certainly, injuries to Kelley Washington and Ray Rice yesterday will be discussed, as will Terrell Suggs’ claims that Lions players went after his injured knee.