Live from Owings Mills: Ravens conclude 2010 NFL Draft

April 24, 2010 | Luke Jones

OWINGS MILLS, Md. — The Baltimore Ravens have concluded their participation in the 2010 NFL Draft after selecting seven players, including two defensive tackles and two tight ends.

The Ravens added to Friday night’s haul of linebacker Sergio Kindle, defensive tackle Terrence Cody, and tight end Ed Dickson by adding tight end Dennis Pitta, receiver David Reed, defensive tackle Art Jones, and offensive lineman Ramon Harewood in rounds 4 through 6 of the draft.

After speaking to the media following their final selection of Harewood—the first player from Barbados, according to Eric DeCosta—it’s clear the Ravens brass is thrilled with the work its done over the last three days.

Head to the Audio Vault right now to hear from Ozzie Newsome, John Harbaugh, Eric DeCosta, and Joe Hortiz.

Here are the highlights:

Ozzie Newsome
– “The initiative that Roger Goodell had of making this a three-day event has been very successful.”
– On the organization’s draft preparation: “This year I think we’ve topped what we’ve done in the past.”
– “This has been a very productive three days for the Baltimore Ravens.”
– On the organization not drafting a corner and the possibility of future movers: “You have to get after the passer … As we move forward, the roster’s still fluid.”
– Newsome admitted there was interest for certain corners but weren’t slotted on their board where the team was drafting: “We don’t feel like we have to reach.”
– On the kicking situation: “I don’t think we’ll be signing a rookie kicker.” Newsome did say there will be competition by the time training camp rolls around.
– On the drafts of AFC North opponents: “They all improved themselves.”

John Harbaugh
– On the work of the scouting department: “This board, we can trust it.”
– “Picks don’t mean anything until they become players.”
– After not selecting a player on Day 1: “We were all a little bit edgy.”
– On the two tight ends: “They fit our depth chart very well.”
– On draft’s impact on special teams: “Sergio Kindle’s going to be able to run down the field on kickoffs.”
– On not selecting a corner: “I don’t think it was a real deep corner class myself … We’ll find a way to add a corner.”
– Harbaugh acknowledged Frank Walker’s return was “a possibility.”
– On tight end position: “Todd Heap is our tight end. We expect a great year from him.”

Eric DeCosta
– On undrafted free agent possibilities: “We have a list of guys we want to go after.”
– DeCosta said the organization benefited from not having a seventh-round pick as it relates to undrafted free agents: “You can start early in the process.”
– On Harewood’s intelligence: “He actually does want to be a rocket scientist someday.”
– On tight end position: “We felt like it was a very deep tight end pool.”
– On tight ends Dickson and Pitta: “These guys have done a lot of different things. They’re versatile.”
– On the trade’s tone for rest of the draft: “It ended up being the beginning of a great draft.”
– On organization’s excitement for all seven players: “That sense of ownership is really what you strive [for].”

Joe Hortiz
– On Pitta: “He’s got outstanding hands, really savvy route runner.”
– On Reed: “Crafty route runner; excellent toughness.” Hortiz also said he’s a capable kick returner.
– On Jones: “Big body defensive tackle … He’s a leverage player like Goose, Kelly Gregg.” Hortiz also noted he was a much better player his junior season at Syracuse.
– On Harewood: “He’s raw. He needs a lot of developmental work … He’s got the passion and drive to get better.”