5 lowest moments of the Ravens-Steelers rivalry

January 14, 2011 | Luke Jones

Honorable mention: Polamalu’s unabated blitz – Dec. 5, 2010; New stadium debut – Sept. 6, 1998; Pittsburgh clinches AFC Central in Baltimore – Dec. 16, 2001

Last month’s loss at M&T Bank Stadium might very well crack the bottom 5 should the Ravens fall short this weekend, as Baltimore would have won the AFC North — and be hosting Saturday’s game — if not for safety Troy Polamalu’s beeline for Joe Flacco late in the fourth quarter.

The Steelers ruined the debut of what is now known as M&T Bank Stadium in 1998, but long snapper Harper LeBel’s disastrous day made it much easier for Pittsburgh in a 20-13 defeat.

The veteran, who would eventually be placed on Injured Reserve that season, snapped it everywhere but the spot it was intended to go to throughout the afternoon, leading to two missed field goals by Matt Stover and a Steelers touchdown.


A war of words and the label of “Plexiglass” didn’t stop Plaxico Burress from catching eight passes for 164 yards as the Steelers clinched the AFC Central title with a 26-21 victory in a Sunday night game in 2001. Trailing 12-7 midway through the fourth quarter and having Pittsburgh backed up at its own 10, the vaunted Baltimore defense gave up a 90-yard touchdown pass from Kordell Stewart to Bobby Shaw to seal it for the Steelers and give them the division title on the Ravens’ home turf.

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