5 lowest moments of the Ravens-Steelers rivalry

January 14, 2011 | Luke Jones

3. Monday night massacre – Nov. 5, 2007



Absolutely nightmarish.


The Ravens traveled to Heinz Field in Week 9, trailing the Steelers by only a game in the AFC North. They left as a battered, humiliated group in the early stages of what would amount to a nine-game losing streak that would result in the firing of Brian Billick following the season.

Feeding off the energy of the Steelers’ 75th anniversary celebration, Ben Roethlisberger threw five touchdown passes in the first half — against a makeshift secondary that included Corey Ivy, Derrick Martin, Ronnie Prude, and David Pittman — to give Pittsburgh a 35-0 lead before the Ravens realized what hit them. A 33-yard touchdown run by Willis McGahee — in what was already amounting to garbage time — put the Ravens on the scoreboard late in the second quarter with their only touchdown in a 38-7 demolition.

The Monday night disaster proved to be a “coming-out party” for linebacker James Harrison — a former Raven who had been allocated to the Rhein Fire of NFL Europe before being cut in 2004 — who had three and a half sacks, three forced fumbles (recovering one), and an interception.

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