Marshall or Boldin? Get me Anquan!

March 04, 2010 |

In less than twelve hours the doors will be kicked down and the 2010 NFL free agency signing period will officially begin.  I for one hope Ozzie Newsome is ready to play the part of Rambo and comes out blazing. 

The RFA (restricted free agent) tenders have been assigned and it just so happens to be that two wide receivers that have been heavily discussed in Baltimore look to be somewhat easily obtainable.

BothBrandon Marshall, who received only a 1st round tender and Anquan Boldin, who could be had for just a 2ndor 3rd roundpick are there for the snatching if Ozzie wants to get his Raven talons around either one of them.

To me the course is a simple one….Anquan Boldin.

For at best a 2ndroundpick the Ravens would finally fix that gaping whole at wide receiver that has plagued them for so many seasons.  Now I know that Brandon Marshall is the better player, but being able to keep their 1st round pick, not to mention that Boldin would be cheaper, and Boldincomes with less Louie Votton baggage, I’d take Anquan over Brandon.

The opportunity to land Anquan Boldin for either a 2ndor 3rd round pick is simply to good of a deal to pass on.  Boldin is still just 29 years old and has at least 4-5 good NFL seasons left in him.  The idea of giving Joe Flacco a legitimate receiving option in his 3rd season (typically a QB’s breakout season) is something the Ravens and Ozzie Newsome must do if another Super Bowl Championship is in their dreams.

Nearly all of the pieces are in place for the Ravens to get to that “next level” as early as next season, but adding a top notch receiver is a definite need, but not the only one the Ravens have, which is why getting Boldin is a better plan in the long run for the franchise.

We all know Ozzie Newsomeis a magician when drafting late in the 1st round, which is why I’d rather not trade the 25th pick even for Marshall.

My plan would be to stick to the “Newsome Program” and use that 25th pick on the best player available or possibly move the pick for some extra picks.  This is a very deep draft, which means the Ravens have a great chance to land a big talent at #25 (Gresham, Wilson, Witherspoon, Thomas, Tate, etc…) or move back and add an extra 2nd or 3rd pick.

Regardless of how Ozzie plans on using that 1st round pick, he must get Boldin to Baltimore even at the cost of a 2ndround pick.

At the “State of the Franchise” press conference Steve Bisciotti said that the franchise would be aggressive this off season to make this organization better.  Well Steve, the time has come to put your money where your mouth is and get a dynamic playmaker like Anquan Boldin.  

The count down to free agency is on.  At 12:01 AM the madness begins!