Mel is a god, not “the” god

April 08, 2010 | John West

Worshiping a false Deity is always risky business.  You have to navigate your way though lots of ancient and mythical rules about how dangerous it is.  Then you have your own personal dilemma.  It is HARD WORK and we do not encourage or support the practice in any way.  Now, having stated this disclaimer I can now proceed to my point.

Mel Kiper Jr. is a God.  “He invented the mini-series”.  Sorry, wrong quote.  He was the first to see what the NFL Draft has become.  He is Ray Kroc and Henry Ford, he is from right here in Baltimore, and his hair is perfect.  He is worthy of all of your worship and praise.

One of the best parts of his supreme reign over all things NFL Draft worthy is that he allows and encourages his underlings (ME) to question his words.  It is in that context I proclaim… Mel is wrong.

Mel is saying that the Ravens will select Georgia Tech Wide Receiver Damaryius Thomas, 6-3, 230, 4.5 40 time, with the 25th pick in this years NFL Draft.  He says the Ravens have helped their woeful WR roster, but that they cannot pass up this player with this pick.  The Ravens can, they will, and they must pass on this pick.

Damaryius is a late first, top second round pick that is consistent with picking at 25.  He has strong hands, great size, excels after the catch.  He does not have top flight speed and his college career was unspectacular (triple option offense was not his fault). So for value sake, it isn’t horrible.  And the kid may turn out to be a pretty good WR.

But I think that the Ravens will take TE from Oklahoma Jermaine Greshem if he is available at 25.  It’s about 50/50 that he will be.  If he is off the board, I think the Ravens will trade down to the top of the second round, and pick up and third round pick, that they currently don’t have.  It is with this early second round pick the Ravens could still probably get Damaryius, or whoever they value as the 3 WR in this draft. Or, they could go with the second rated TE.  They have increased options, and increased their overall draft value if they trade down from 25.

I don’t see that Mel is right on this one, and it physically hurts to say it.  But my MEL is a forgiving God, so I am safe.  And don’t believe the rumors of a full size poster of Mel’s hair in my closet.  I threw that away years ago.