Mocking The 53: A Look At Roster Ahead of Preseason Finale

August 30, 2011 | Glenn Clark

53. LB Prescott Burgess

Burgess is another player that just keeps finding his way back to Charm City. They know what they have with him, so there’s little more he can do to earn the spot. That being said, Burgess would be the guy I would think the team could stomach losing in order to upgrade another position.

Here is my first group of guys currently on the bad side of the bubble…

54. WR LaQuan Williams

It’s very difficult to imagine a player who has made a splash the way Williams has being left off the roster. It would be especially tough to stomach for local fans who have followed Williams through stops at Poly High and the University of Maryland.

That being said, both Harbaugh and Rosburg have made critical comments about Williams’ kick coverage work in the last seven days. Williams isn’t going to make this team because of what he can do at WR, but instead his abilities in Special Teams. They like him as a returner, but they don’t need another returner. He’ll need to show improvement in coverage this week to steal a spot.

55. WR James Hardy

It’s hard to imagine Hardy having any shot of making the roster after barely participating in Camp, but he still has two things going for him. 1-He’s a league veteran. 2-He’s 6’5″. No one else offers those attributes. If the team is comfortable with him health-wise, he could be a surprise on the roster.

56. CB Chykie Brown

While he is a draft pick, Brown finds himself amongst a crowded group of corners. He’s probably rooting for Foxworth to meet “The Turk” this weekend, as it is his best chance of guaranteeing a roster spot.

57. TE Kris Wilson

Wilson has a lot to play for Thursday night. Don’t be surprised to see him steal Davon Drew’s spot or simply create a spot of his own.

58. WR Brandon Jones

Also a NFL veteran, Jones received praise from Harbaugh following the team’s preseason Week 3 victory over the Skins. With that said, he’s barely made an impact in Camp and is clearly low on the depth chart. It would be a surprise to see him make the roster.

59. OT Ramon Harewood

After spending what would have been his rookie season on Injured Reserve (IR), it seems likely that the team will try to keep Harewood on the practice squad this season. That being said, they like him enough to keep him around despite two knee surgeries and could well decide he’s worth keeping on the roster.

60. LB Jason Phillips

He found his way back to the roster a year ago but did little to make an impact. There’s a chance he steals a spot (especially if the team decides they are done with Tavares Gooden), but it doesn’t appear likely at the moment.

61. DE Michael McAdoo
62. RB Damien Berry
63. S Mana Silva
64. CB Talmadge Jackson
65. LB Albert McClellan
66. CB Danny Gorrer
67. QB Hunter Cantwell
68. FB Ryan Mahaffey
69. C Jason Murphy
70. OL Justin Boren

Expect the team to try to get a few of these guys on their practice squad, especially McAdoo. Had he been in Camp a bit longer the team would have been more likely to find a roster spot for the former North Carolina rusher, but at this point time has been his enemy.

71. C Tim Barnes
72. CB Josh Victorian
73. DT Bryan Hall
74. DT Derek Simmons
75. OT Andre Ramsey
76. LB Josh Byrnes
77. LB Chavis Williams
78. TE Johdrick Morris
79. S Nate Williams
80. LS Patrick Scales

The guys in this group will be hearing the words “you’re not just trying to make our team, you’re trying to make every team in the NFL” a lot this week.

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