Mocking The 53: A Positional Breakdown of Ravens Roster

June 08, 2011 | Glenn Clark

Offensive Linemen (14):
Michael Oher
Ben Grubbs
Jared Gaither
Matt Birk
Marshal Yanda
Jah Reid
Chris Chester
Oniel Cousins
Tony Moll
Ramon Harewood
Bryan Mattison
Eric Vanden Huevel
Brady Bond
Andre Ramsey


While Grubbs is the team’s most consistent (and likely BEST) offensive lineman, Oher remains the team’s most important. There was a thought that Oher could end up back at RT this offseason, but it appears new O-Line coach Andy Moeller will keep him on “The Blind Side.”

There is no roster spot more…”interesting” if you will…than the spot that might be held down by Gaither (pictured above). If he’s healthy, the team would still want him as a potential starter at RT. Like McClain, it appears as though he won’t reach free agency (unless the league and the NFLPA agree to a new CBA), which would give the team the option of bringing him back without a new deal.

It’s hard to imagine them passing on that with a player that has (when interested) shown the ability of a Gaither.

Yanda received a tender offer earlier this offseason and the Ravens would be thrilled to move him back to RG if they retain Gaither. They could combine him with Birk inside, who has almost certainly lost a step but remains effective.

Behind the top five, the Ravens will have to find the right fit of linemen. Reid (the team’s 3rd round pick out of Central Florida) appears to be another potential option should Gaither not return and the team not want to keep Yanda at RT. Chester would be an option to remain at RG should Yanda remain at RT.

Cousins, Moll and Harewood will likely be battling for 1-2 jobs during camp. Cousins has never really developed into the type of tackle the Ravens had hoped he would, but has been at least a serviceable backup. Moll has offered the team valuable inside-outside versatility. Harewood was thought of highly enough to be drafted by the team in 2010, but missed the entire season and had surgery on both knees.

Harewood is probably a longshot to see the field for the Ravens, perhaps ever.

Mattison was promoted to the active roster in 2010 due to injuries, but with his father (former Defensive Coordinator Greg Mattison) having left for the University of Michigan, it is likely his “scholarship” could be revoked by the team.

Vanden Huevel, Bond and Ramsey are practice squad types who certainly are not threats to make the 53 man roster.

Specialists (4):
Sam Koch
Billy Cundiff
Morgan Cox
Kevin Houser (UFA)


Once the team worked out contract extensions with Koch and Cundiff, this area cleared up quite nicely. Both are coming off career years and offer stability to their respective areas of specialty.

The only real question for the unit is the health of Cox (pictured above), who had his season cut short last season due to a torn ACL. There were reports out of Tennessee recently that he was on schedule to return and he participated in the team’s practices at Unitas Stadium with a brace on his knee.

If Cox is not immediately ready to return, the team could consider bringing back Houser, who showed himself to be a capable replacement down the stretch and into the playoffs.