Monday press conference notes

September 30, 2008 |

Here are some news and notes from Coach Harbaugh’s press conference:
On the Derrick Mason TD:
Coach Harbaugh said now looking back at the Derrick Mason catch in the end zone, “we think he was in.”
The reason he did not challenge the catch was because of the replay he saw it was not clear if he was in or not
Derrick Mason did not lobby for Coach Harbaugh to challenge the catch
On the end of regulation:
The Ravens were hoping to pop a run against the Steelers. If that would have happened, they would have pushed the issue. Once it did not happen, they were just looking to get to overtime and let it play out.
Coach Harbaugh felt like because of the injury to Willis McGahee and LeRon McClain, and the timeout situation, they were limited as to what they could do.
On the 3rd and 8 run:
The Ravens were looking to catch the Steelers off guard and felt like they had the right call in to do it. Coach Harbaugh said they like to go against the norm in certain situations and that was one of them
Other notes:
Willis McGahee suffered a rib injury during the game and they is why he did not return. He is expected to be ok, and back this week against the Titans.
As it relates to the offensive line play, Coach Harbaugh said that it was not blown assignments that lead to the sacks. He pointed out that the offensive line could do a better job of blocking as could everyone else.
Coach Harbaugh said the penalty on Jarrett Johnson is a penalty in the “grey area” for him. He looked at it as Johnson was just playing hard.
The “big picture” for the Ravens is getting ready to play a very good Tennessee Titans team on Sunday.