My gut tells me Baltimore wins on Sunday

September 06, 2008 | Drew Forrester

Not many folks around the country are picking the Ravens tomorrow but I am.

I don’t have any hard statistical data to back up my claim.  I just don’t think the Bengals are coming to Baltimore and winning on opening day.

If this game were being played in mid-November, I probably wouldn’t be as (semi) confident.

On opening day?  In Baltimore?  Bengals win?  Nope.

I’m sure Cam Cameron is going to devise a scheme that protects Joe Flacco to the max.  Unless they’re forced to abandon the run and go throw-crazy, I imagine the Ravens will try to control the clock and use Flacco and the passing game only when necessary. 

Cincinnati, meanwhile, will probably do the exact opposite, seeking to expose the Ravens injury-riddled secondary and use Houshmanwhatever and 8-5 as much as possible. 

It might very well go down to the last drive, but in the end the Ravens defense will prevail and I see a Baltimore victory by the closest of margins:  21-20.

If you’re going to M&T, have a safe Sunday and be sure to tune in on Monday morning at 7:00 am when we visit with Eric DeCosta (Ravens Director of College Scouting).

By the way, if the Ravens do happen to lose tomorrow, remember…it’s not ALL bad…the Redskins got their asses kicked on opening night on national TV!!!  LOL