My Ravens v. Steelers “Top 10 Most Memorable”

November 06, 2011 | Glenn Clark

3. Santonio Holmes “indisputable evidence” game (December 14, 2008 Steelers 13, Ravens 9)

I still refuse to believe this was actually a touchdown. Santonio Holmes was ruled down inside the one yard line, but Walt Coleman (whose crew is officiating Sunday night’s tussle) went under the replay hood and ultimately decided there was indisputable evidence to declare the play a touchdown. Coleman, former head of officiating Mike Pereira and the citizens of Pittsburgh are the only people in the world who seemingly saw the play that way. As always, no one call EVER decides the outcome of the game, and the Ravens won’t beat much of anyone (including the Steelers) by scoring just nine points. It doesn’t wash the taste of this one away.

2. AFC Divisional  Chokejob Playoff (January 15, 2011 Steelers 31, Ravens 24)

There’s so much to want to forget about this game. Joe Flacco picked after overthrowing Todd Heap, Ray Rice’s fumble. TJ Houshmandzadeh’s jawing and later drop. The penalty on Marcus Smith that negated a late Lardarius Webb touchdown. The defense somehow allowing some dude named Antonio Brown (who has turned out to be pretty good) to get behind them. Even surehanded Anquan Boldin dropped one in the endzone. More than anything, the fact that the Raevns in general blew a two touchdown halftime lead. Lots of bad here.

And also, the above video is a reminder of why I hate the song “Renegade” by Styx that I used to think was pretty good.

1. AFC Championship Game (January 18, 2009)

More memorable for having the highest stakes. And also because it means Daren Stone can never return to Baltimore. I don’t much feel like discussing this contest any further.

(Also considered: Ravens first series win-1996 Memorial Stadium, Ravens shutout Steelers-2000 Three Rivers Stadium, Paul Kruger’s pick-2009 M&T Bank Stadium, etc.) 

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