My take on Jason Taylor

May 24, 2008 |

The Jason Taylor to the Ravens talks does not make sense to me on several levels. Now I am not here to bash some other members of the media, I just wanted to point out a couple of factors:
          Terrell Suggs is getting 8 million dollars as a franchise player and there is no doubt that the Ravens want to sign Suggs to a long term deal. I think you would be creating a problem if you let Jason Taylor come here and give him a contract extension. I can not imagine Suggs would be willing to give up some of the money he is expecting to get to get Jason Taylor here.
          There are several guys on this roster who the Ravens think can help them get pressure on the quarterback: Antwan Barnes, Edgar Jones, Jarrett Johnson, and Trevor Pryce, just to name a few. Are these guys Jason Taylor? No but the Ravens feel like they can succeed in this defense.
          I think the pressure on the quarterback will increase greatly when Trevor Pryce is back and is healthy.
          If people are so concerned about Trevor Pryce’s age, Jason Taylor is older than Trevor is. Trevor will turn 33 in a couple of months while Jason Taylor will be turning 34.
          Here is one of the other big reasons that it does not make sense to me. The Ravens I think honestly feel like they have one more run left in them before they have to start to turn this roster over. Bart Scott and Ray Lewis are free agents at the end of this year. The Ravens will also have to soon make decisions on guys like Samari Rolle, Derrick Mason, Matt Stover, Trevor Pryce, and other veterans as it pertains to the future of the team. Why would you go sign a guy who would be one of your oldest veterans on the team?
          There is talk that a relationship between Cam Cameron and Jason Taylor could help bring him here in fact if he was to come here. First off Cam Cameron has nothing to do with the defensive side of the football. How would you feel if you were Rex Ryan and people gave Cam Cameron credit for getting a guy to help the defense? Also last time I checked John Harbaugh is the head coach and while he appreciates Cam’s input he has to be the one to sign off on the move. Most importantly though it the fact that several people I spoke with said this “great relationship”, that Cam and Jason allegedly has could not be any further from the truth.
          Ultimately I think Jason Taylor will end up going somewhere else, maybe it is New England, maybe it is Dallas, maybe it is San Diego, but I am pretty positive in saying it will not be in Baltimore.
Now I could be proven wrong and will gladly be the first to admit it if it does come to be that Jason Taylor ends up a Raven, I just don’t think it will happen or think it would be a smart move.