My Version of the Kindle Story…

July 27, 2010 | John West

I have heard Coach John Harbaugh talk about “KindleGate” and I have some thoughts.

Sergio told his Dad what happened, who told Coach Harbaugh, who told the media…  OK, this doesn’t pass any test for accurate information and reporting.

I have no faith whatsoever with this chain of information.  Just Coach Harbaugh talking about injuries is a slow and tortured prospect each time he does it… I suspect we may never know what happened, but I will speculate about what I think happened.  It may sound a little “far fetched”, but I say to you that my version of what happened is just as likely as the version we have heard so far, which isn’t very likely.

Okay, last Friday, Sergio was going to the bowling alley until about 7:30, at which time he noticed Seth Green, the voice of Chris Griffon on “Family Guy”, was bowling in the lane next to him, and he asked him for an autograph, but Seth didn’t have a pen, so Sergio followed him to his car, but on the way he was accosted by 7 Scientologists who wanted to give everyone a personality test, which was administered at the Scientology Center in Austin until 10:45, at which time Sergio accidentally boarded the wrong bus home and ended up at the International House of Pancakes in Forth Worth, and finally got a ride home with a man who let him ride in the back of his pick-up truck, finally arriving home at 1:39 in the morning.  Getting out of the pick-up truck, Sergio accidentally fell onto the Asphalt, where he fractured his skull.  It’s all very innocent.

I challenge any of you who has heard Coach Harbaugh’s version of what happened tell me that it’s any more believable than what I think may also have happened.  Past non-truths and half-truths by your football coach makes one wonder if he is ever telling the truth..?

***** This just in……..we have added OT Jared Gaither to the back of our blog’s milk carton.  Jared is missing in action and there is much concern.  Where is he? When will he show up?!  Why is he late?!!  Is everyone getting way too tired of Jared’s shenanigans?*****