News and notes from 1 Winning Drive

October 30, 2008 |

Here are some news and notes from 1 Winning Drive:

– There is no new news today as it relates to the status of Chris McAlister for this week or for the rest of the season. Rex Ryan said he is hopeful that McAlister will be able to play again this season and that he has surprised him before with not having much practice then being there on game day. McAlister missed his second day of practice this week today.

– The Ravens defense have really enjoyed the offense controlling the football the way that they have in the time of possession category. Currently with the Ravens are currently number one in the NFL in time of possession. Rex Ryan mentioned how the defense enjoys the extra time on the sideline and knows they are a good defense, but are a lot better when they are sitting on the sideline watching the offense work.

– Samari Rolle could potentially return to play against the Cleveland Browns this Sunday. There is not any concern about Rolle being rusty due to not having played in a while because of his injury. The last team that Rolle faced was the Browns in week 3. Rex Ryan pointed to how smart of a player Rolle is as to also another factor why the time away will not hurt him. Rolle wore the red non-contact jersey today during practice.

-It was mentioned today to Cam Cameron that Adam Terry had mentioned he was hopeful that he would play on Sunday. Cam’s response was, “he is more than hopeful, he better play. We anticipate him playing in several roles.” Cameron would not however reveal if that is going to be at guard or tackle.

– With Demetrius Williams being out for the rest of the year, Cam Cameron pointed out that this is an oppurtunity for guys like Ernie Wheelwright, Marcus Smith, and Yamon Figurs, to step up and contribute to the offense.

– Haloti Ngata is not the only defensive players that Cam Cameron has plays drawn up for on offense. Cameron says he was suprised by Rex Ryan when he showed up to the Ravens. Ryan told Cameron that he could take any of the defensive guys he wanted to help with the offense. Cameron said he has plays drawn up for about 8 or 9 of the defensive guys.

-Dan Wilcox and Derrick Martin were both not present at practice this afternoon. Wilcox has missed that last two days. Wilcox tweaked his hamstring last week versus the Raiders.