News and notes from Monday press conference

November 10, 2008 |

Here are some news and notes

– Coach Harbaugh started out his press conference by giving a lot of praise to quarterbacks coach Hue Jackson and running backs coach Wilbert Montgomery for the job that they have done getting their position players ready to play.

– Derrick Mason was in the training room getting treatment this afternoon on his sore left shoulder. Mason walked through the media room and said that he is sore,but  will be ok. Coach Harbaugh pointed out that they will have to see how the weeks goes. They are expecting him to play, but said it is to soon to tell.

-While on the injury front, the Ravens are hopeful that Willie Anderson will be able to return from his ankle injury he suffered in yesterday’s game. They do have Adam Terry back, but Coach Harbaugh pointed that they really have six starting offensive lineman with the different line formations that they run.

– One last injury note, there is nothing new on the health status of Dawan Landry. We had thought that we might have heard something this week about his return status, but there was no news today.

-Coach Harbaugh talked about how the Giants have one of the best coached defenses in the NFL under Steve Spagnuolo. Spagnuolo and Harbaugh spent several years together as a part of the Eagles coaching staff. Coach Harbaugh was there from 1998-2007 as the special teams coach and defensive backs coach, while Spagnuolo was with the Eagles from 1999-06 serving as an defensive assistant, defensive backs coach, and then as linebackers coach.

-Steven Hauschka provides the Ravens flexibility in the kicking game and the plan is to try and have him and Matt Stover both up on the active roster as much as they can. Coach Harbaugh pointed out that if the field goal is within Stover’s  range, he is going to kick it.

-The topic of winning 3 road games and how it will set up them for the future was brought up to Coach Harbaugh to which he responded ,” it is irrelevant.”

-Coach Harbaugh talked about all the times that he has been to the Meadowlands to play and that it is one of his favorite stadiums to go to and that it is a shame that it will have to be torn down eventually.

-Magic dust is the reason  according to Coach Harbaugh that the Ravens went from 7 penalties in the first half to none in the second. It was pointed that Coach Harbaugh is very proud of how the personal foul penalties have basically vanished.

-I mentioned this earlier,but it was nice to see the Ravens get four interceptions and not see the ball pitched around to 15 different people trying to score. Coach Harbaugh explained that he has not made that point to the guys, but has said if you do that, they better hold on to the football and better score. Ball security as explained by Coach Harbaugh is the responsibility of the offense, defense, and the special teams

-Yamon Figurs made a big play on offense on Sunday with his touchdown catch against the Texans. One of the big factors that will help Figurs get in on more plays on offense is his ability to run by anyone on defense. Coach Harbaugh also likes how Figurs has gotten a lot better about running his routes and would have been further along if he had not missed  time due to injury.

Tomorrow the Ravens question and answers blog will return and I will also be filling in for Bob Haynie from 10-2 along with Ray Bachman, and welcome any and all Ravens calls.