NFL has a problem tonight: Either Pittsburgh or New England has to lose

November 14, 2010 | Drew Forrester

Ravens fans who think every call in every game is somehow designed to keep Baltimore out of the playoffs won’t know what to do tonight when New England plays in Pittsburgh.

One of those teams is going to win.

And the team that wins is almost guaranteed to win because of a “questionable” call at a critical time in the game.

But when that happens, one of those teams suffers from it, too.

So what WILL happen tonight?

The league is faced with quite a dilemma. Which one of the golden boys do you piss off? In one corner, you have Tom Brady and the Patriots, faced with the possibility of losing two straight games. In the other corner, Ben Roethlisberger brings the Steelers into a nationally televised game that could move his team into sole possession of first place in the AFC North.

I bet Roger Goodell is sweating bullets over this one, knowing one of his faves is going down tonight.

Both quarterbacks will be treated with kid gloves on Sunday night, you know that going in. In fact, the league was thinking about handing out feathers to all of the defensive players from both teams and encouraging the use of them when trying to sack either Brady or Big Ben.

The wide receivers will all be on “no touch” alert tonight too. That doesn’t bode well for Ike Taylor, he of the “touch of a blacksmith” reputation.

And fumbles will almost CERTAINLY not be allowed tonight if the occur inside the red zone.

This game needs to feature scoring and action. Fumbles turn the ball over to the other team and slow down the game. We can’t have any of that tonight.

So I’m looking forward to watching this one unfold and then fielding phone calls from irate Ravens fans in the morning who will unquestionably find some call-that-wasn’t-made or a challenge-that-wasn’t-upheld to complain about.

Even when the Ravens don’t play, the local football flock can find some conspiracy theory to bring to the table.

As well as I’m starting to know the NFL, you can almost guarantee the game tonight gets decided by something goofy…something controversial…or something you wouldn’t see anywhere but in the National Football League.