NFL kicks fans in the face with Super Bowl XLV

February 06, 2011 | Drew Forrester

Well, the Steelers lost the Super Bowl.

That was about the best thing that happened on Sunday.

The rest of it…the fiasco with the seats, the national anthem, the halftime…it all brought a crashing halt to what was supposed to be America’s most celebrated Sunday party.

I can’t believe I’m saying this, but it’s true:  The NFL somehow f**ked up the Super Bowl.

It took 45 attempts, but the league finally wrecked their showcase event.  If I didn’t know better, I would have thought the Orioles were running it.  In their never-ending attempt to squeeze every available dollar out of every interested fan, the NFL botched the construction of temporary seating and left 400 folks without a seat to the game.  They’ve known for four years that this game was coming to Dallas on February 6, 2011 and somehow they didn’t have the stadium ready.  The excuse-makers will say “yeah, but 102,000 other people got in and they were happy”, but that’s not the point, particularly if you were one of the 400 who got hoodwinked out of your seat in the rafters.

Then there was the national anthem.  No longer is just playing the song good enough.  These days, because the carnival has to have a sideshow to keep everyone interested, someone has to sing the Star Spangled Banner with their own special flair and unique sound.  This year, that someone was Christina Aguilera.  She’s a great singer.  But she botched the song Sunday night by goofing up the lyrics.  That stuff should happen at a minor league hockey game, where a local 19-year old girl wins the chance to sing through a radio station promotion.  It should NEVER happen at the Super Bowl.

And just to fully support the “when it rains it pours” theme, there was a wretched halftime performance by Black Eyed Peas to give twitter nation plenty to tweet about during their 13-minute performance.

Everything about the Super Bowl these days is related to excess.

The tickets cost too much.

The commercials are overpriced.

The TV coverage is too long, too boring and almost puts too much emphasis on one 60-minute game.

The national anthem singer forgets the song is more important than her.

The stadium has four years to prepare for the game and even then they’re not ready.

And the halftime show chases people away instead of keeping them glued to the set.

Super Bowl 45 will be remembered as the one that had Green Bay winning over Pittsburgh, 31-25.

Unfortunately, that was about the only part of the day that went off appropriately.

The rest of it was a clusterf**k, with the most important flop coming before the game even kicked off when the league had to inform 400 people they didn’t have a seat for them.

Those folks came from Pittsburgh, Green Bay and points beyond, all hoping to see the game in person and no doubt paying inflated prices for everything from airfare to hotels to tickets and everything else in Dallas all week.

The NFL, of course, has promised to reimburse those people three times the amount their tickets cost.

That’s not good enough.

When you’ve risen to the heights that the NFL has attained and you put the game and making money ahead of the fans, you’ve lost your way.

If the game has gotten too big for the league, they should scale it back and get it right for everyone.

Leaving out the fans, disrespecting our national anthem, and making the game more about entertainment isn’t what the league’s premier football contest should be about.

The NFL’s black eye – no pun intended – is shining brightly.

They screwed up their biggest event.

And worst of all…they probably don’t even care.

Everyone got rich on Sunday.

Except the 400 people who didn’t get in.