Nice win and Chris McAlister news

November 02, 2008 |

Let me get this out of the way early…….I was wrong on my prediction.


The offense more than held up their end of the bargain today and answered every time they needed to and showed that they have the defense’s back no matter what. The Browns jumped up on the Ravens in a hurry, but the offense stuck with the game plan and answered every challenge. I guess the question about who can be a deep threat, and can Joe Flacco throw the deep ball might stop for a little while ? As a side note, Rich Gannon I believe is the official leader of the Joe Flacco fan club after listening to him today. Ray Rice had a tremendous day running the football and will continue to get better as he gains confidence with his success and the coaches see him grow as a running back. LeRon McClain, Mark Clayton, Derrick Mason, and the rest of the offense also deserve credit for the job that they did today.

The defense held their own and came up with the big stops and plays when they needed to. Whether it was the 3 and outs that they forced late in the game or Terrell Suggs taking an interception all the way to the end zone to put the game out of reach.

News as it relates to Chris McAlister this evening, is that he is headed back to Miami for another opinion on his knee. This could be the trip that ends the season for McAlister. There is no denying that McAlister needs something done on his knee surgery wise,even dating back to last year when it was debated as to whether or not he had surgery. I would not be surprised at all if word comes out this week that McAlister has or will in fact have season ending surgery. Then the speculation will start as to how much of the issues between him and Coach Harbaugh might have had to do with this.