Niners CB Brown expects “balanced” attack from Ravens offense

January 29, 2013 | WNST Staff



(on Super Bowl week) “It’s fun. I think we’ve been here two days. I’m excited, I’m soaking the moment up, but at the same time, I’m prepared. You come here, you have fun for a little bit, but it’s time to get back to work.”


(on what jumps out to him from the Ravens’ offense) “Balanced attack, guys that are physical, guys that can run, and an aggressive team.”


(on playing against the Ravens’ wide receivers) “I’m excited. Excited for the opportunity to go against those guys. I think it’s going to be very competitive out there. A lot of people are going to watch. They’re definitely going to take their shots, they’re definitely going to come after us, but we look forward to it. I think we’ll stand up to the challenge. Let the best man win.”


(on the team’s increased success in recent years) “It’s a good feeling. Any time you get a chance to get this great organization back on track to where it was in their hayday, it’s always a positive. We just want to live up to the other guys and do what’s best for the organization and make everybody proud.”


(on if he knows whom he will be matched up against) “No, we’re just on one side of the field. It just kind of depends on the call, but most of the time, I’ll be on the right side.”


(on Anquan Boldin and Torrey Smith being different types of receivers) “Yeah, most definitely. You can’t play those guys the same. They’re two different players, but the good thing about it is that they’re both good players. They’re both competitive, both going to get the ball thrown to them. Flacco does a great job of spreading the ball around, getting the ball in playmakers’ hands. A lot of people don’t realize that these guys get a lot of yards after the catch. Guys aren’t really tackling them. So, we have to do a great job of swarm tackling and guys getting to the football.”


(on his thoughts on recent rule changes and how they affect cornerbacks) “It’s tough, period, for defensive players. I think it makes it a lot harder, but at the same time, the league is doing a great job of trying to implement different rules and find different ways to keep people aware of players’ safety. The NFL is going a good job of that. That’s all you really can do. It’s a violent game, but at the same time, we want to play the game the right way and the clean way.”


(on if he has had to change his technique with the rule changes) “Yeah, you have to. No launching. I think a lot of times, when guys are defenseless receivers, it’s not that you’re trying to launch or trying to hurt anybody, you’re just trying to make a good tackle. From there, you want to go lower, so you don’t get those fines, that you don’t hurt yourself or hurt someone else.”


(on how the players dealt with the quarterback change in the locker room) “We support coach’s decision. That’s never our decision. As players, we just kind of go out and play. Coach made the decision he made. We have two starting quarterbacks. It’s unfortunate that Alex (Smith) got hurt at the time he did, but ‘Kaep’ took advantage of the opportunity and made the most of it. That’s how this league is. If you get an opportunity, you just want to put your best foot forward and take advantage of it.”


(on if the read-option and pistol formation can work in the NFL long-term) “I think so. It’s definitely a change up. It’s not something that you use in an every-down situation. It’s definitely a change up, just like any formation or any set would be. I think it’s definitely something that can be around for a while.”


(on the defense’s first priority when defending a read-option team) “Hit them in the mouth, to be honest with you. Be physical. Try to change it up as much as you can. Maybe one play, the end might have the pitch or maybe another play, the end might have the quarterback.”