Niners CB Brown knows Ravens bring “very explosive” offense

January 28, 2013 | WNST Staff


(on if the Ravens are a chatty team in regards to motivating one another) “No, not really. I think that’s just the way they motivate their team and everybody feeds off that. They do a great job of communicating with their team and that’s what helps them. So, whatever works for them, that’s good.”

(on if the 49ers practice the same type of motivation) “No, not really. I think everybody is accountable for themselves. If they have something to say, they’ll say something, but for the most part we all motivate ourselves and just go out and perform.”

(on if there was a lot of trash talking last time they played Baltimore) “It’s always trash talking on the football field. Everybody’s competitive. Everybody wants to go out there and put their best foot forward and everybody wants to win. So, it’s always going to be trash talk, but nothing crazy.”

(on Aldon Smith and why he deserves team MVP) “His play speaks for itself. He’s been dominant every time he’s in there. He’s been dominant coming off the edge. He’s been dominant stopping the run, dominant rushing the passer. So he’s been doing a lot of great things that’s helped our team win a lot of games. I definitely think he’s up there for the MVP as well.”

(on Aldon Smith struggling to get sacks as of late and what he has seen him doing over the last couple of weeks) “He’s doing a great job still. A lot of guys are chipping him. A lot of guys are squeezing to him. A lot of guys are really pretty much double teaming him, so that happens. Other guys are getting free. Other guys are making plays and that’s the thing about football. We’re a very unselfish team and that’s what we need, guys that can come out and demand double teams and get other guys free as well.”

(on what it has been like watching San Francisco quarterback Colin Kaepernick develop and if it has been fun to see) “Just to watch him grow as a player, I think going against him every day when he was a backup, we saw the potential. We saw the athleticism. We saw the arm strength. So for him to come out and do the things that he is doing is special and he’s making those game-changing plays and things that we need.”

(on what has made the biggest difference in Kapernick’s development) “Poise. I think it’s poise and his knowledge of the game. He’s coming along very quickly. A lot of guys don’t pick up the game as well so fast at a young age and he’s doing a great job doing it.”

(on if he was surprised that Donte Whitner was picked up so late during free agency considering what he brings to the defense) “It definitely surprises me just from him being a dominant player throughout his career, him coming in as a 20-year old, starting almost every game for the Bills, and coming to us and doing the same thing. His force has definitely been recognized and he got that this year getting the opportunity to go to the Pro Bowl as well.”

(on Donte Whitner learning the defense overnight) “It was less than overnight to be honest with you. I think, the first time I had the opportunity, the first time we had the opportunity just to kind of chat, he picked the defense up just like that. I thought, me personally, I felt like he had ran the same defense before. He was making all the calls, all the checks. It was surprising to me, but you can tell the potential that he had.”

(on if he learned a lot from playing the Ravens last year on Thanksgiving) “Well, you can and you can’t because there’s different coordinators, different time of the year. They were more of a run-based team at that time. Now they’re a lot more balanced. They’re doing a lot more of stretching the field as well this year, the past couple of games as well. (Anquan) Boldin is a strong receiver. He’s been dominate throughout his career. Played against him numerous times, with Arizona as well. So, they’re definitely a great challenge.” 

(on his favorite Super Bowl moment growing up) “Not just moment, I’ve always relayed back to the Cowboys-Bills Super Bowl just because being a Dallas native. That was always big for me. So just watching them and watching them compete.”

(on San Francisco head coach Jim Harbaugh being an old school type of coach) “He believes more is more, practice what you preach. Everyday let’s work to get better. It’s no days off. We have no slow-paced walk-throughs. Everything is up-tempo. Even in the film room, everything is up-tempo and everything is to the T. That’s the great thing about coach. We understand what he expects, and he’s one way all the time.”

(on his thoughts on President Barack Obama’s comments regarding health and playing football) “It’s definitely my life. It’s something I’ve been doing for a nice amount of years. It’s definitely a dangerous sport, but at the end of the day the league is doing a great job of putting in place things to help players, help players with safety as far as the hits and with helmets and different things like that. I can understand where President Obama is coming from with saying that, but at the same time the league is doing a great job of preventing a lot of those things.”

(on what he would say to President Obama regarding the league’s efforts to balance safety and the way the game is played) “It’s a physical game. If you’re passionate about something that you do and you teach it the right way – tackling, keeping your head up, form tackling, making sure you don’t spear people, no crowning of the helmet – those things will prevent a lot of injuries as well.”

(on San Francisco being a good tackling team and what is the reason for that) “We practice that every day. It’s an everyday thing. We do open-field tackling, working on breaking down form tackling, getting your hands on guys, tackling guys in space. So, that really helps us when the game time comes around and makes the job a lot easier. But, when guys are swarming to the football if guys do end up missing tackles, there’s somebody else that can back you up and come up with it.”

(on the most interesting thing he’s seen since he’s been in New Orleans) “Just a lot of people with beads hanging out and enjoying themselves. It’s a great city, a great place to hold the Super Bowl. We’re fortunate to be here and we really appreciate the hospitality and the things that they’re doing for us here in New Orleans.”

(on bridging the gap between the team’s past and forming its own identity) “It’s a new team, new era, new time. Those guys  did an amazing job of setting the standard here with the 49ers and we’re just trying to get it back to where it’s supposed to be. This is a great organization. Anytime you get to play for this organization you want to put it at the top. You want to leave a lasting legacy here. So, for this team we just want to get it back to where it was and make sure the tradition upholds.”

(on what he sees from Baltimore quarterback Joe Flacco and the Ravens offense) “Balance, very explosive offense when they want to be. (Baltimore running back) Ray Rice runs the ball very hard. They have a great offensive line. They do a great job of getting a lot penetration on D-linemen. Flacco can make every throw, a strong quarterback and the receivers are physical guys. They can stretch the field downfield. They make all the catches, and Flacco can make all the throws. So, it will definitely be a challenge for us. We’ve played against a lot of great quarterbacks throughout the years, these past two years being under Coach (Jim) Harbaugh, but this guy here, he’s a great quarterback as well.”

(on if facing elite quarterbacks over the years has prepared them to face any great quarterback) “Most definitely. Our back has always been against the wall. We like it like that, us as a team and us as a defense. We understand that it’s going to come down to us, and if we want to win the game we have to make plays, and for us to make plays we have to get turnovers, and we have to go out there and do that. For us, we have to be physical. We have to play 49er football and go out and play our game and have the least amount of errors and mistakes in this game because a lot teams capitalize on those things through the postseason.”