Niners OT Davis excited to face former Rutgers teammate Rice

January 29, 2013 | WNST Staff



(on playing in the Super Bowl) “It’s a big deal. It’s our hopes and dreams coming true. You work so hard all year. It’s more than just the Super Bowl. It’s a way to finish off a great season.”


(on getting hot in the playoffs) “With the talent that we have, this is where we should be, and with the coaching staff that we have. Anything else would be considered a failure.”


(on whether he noticed a change on offense when Colin Kaepernick took over) “We didn’t change anything as far as scheme. There wasn’t much of a difference.”


(on facing another former Rutgers player in Ravens RB Ray Rice) “It’s a big deal. I talked to him earlier this week. I’m sure his guys will play the game of their life and that’s what we’re trying to do over here.”


(on what makes Jim Harbaugh special) “He’s an interesting guy. He is a great leader. He has to make difficult decisions.”


(on what allows players to accept tough coaching) “It’s how you’re brought up. Going to Rutgers, my mom wanted me to go to Rutgers because of Coach (Greg) Schiano. She was strict, too. You learn how to receive the message while ignoring the tone of it and trust that they want what’s best for you.”


(on what makes QB Colin Kaepernick special) “That Bears game, watching him make all those difficult throws and not hesitating one bit. Some of those throws some guys wouldn’t take, especially being their first start on Monday Night Football.”


(on the pistol offense) “I love it. They (the defense) try to figure out who has the ball and which way the ball’s going. It’s just fun to watch them try to figure it out with 350 pounds leaning on them.”


(on how facing the Ravens now is different than facing them last year) “We’re a more mature team. Some of our players are more experienced.”


(on the Ravens defense) “Big guys, they are all big. It will be a good time.”