Niners OT Staley says Suggs “bringing it” in playoffs

January 29, 2013 | WNST Staff



(on if he had been drafted by the Ravens) “No, I have not really thought about different situations. It is funny how it works out to because Coach Solari, our offensive line coach, was at Kansas City when I was going through the draft process. They called me on the phone at the 20th pick and were about to take me. Then I got reacquainted with him later down the line. I do not spend too much time thinking about what if’s and what could be’s.


(on QB Colin Kapernick’s media attention) “If he is The Beatles, I am just a garage band. A bunch of 12-year-olds living the dream in the garage. Trying to make things happen. I am out here busting my butt trying to give a good interview and he is just like, ‘Hey, what is up? I am Colin Kapernick. Everybody listen to what I have got to say.’ (Laughs)”


(on Ravens LB Ray Lewis’ dance) “Hell of a dance. Great moves. I think maybe I will come out with a fancy dance and all of that. No, it is cool. When I was younger watching football that was one of the things that got me pumped up, watching that thing. He brings a ton of energy to that football team. Obviously great leadership.


(on the 49ers offensive line having good dance moves) “No. I do not know about the whole offensive line, but I have the moves. The hip shakers.”


(on the Ravens defense) “They are playing at a real high level right now. I think having (LB Terrell) Suggs come back from the injury you could see early on that he was not his normal self. He is really bringing it in the playoffs—really playing well for them. Getting back to normal Terrell Suggs style football–physical, playing fast. Their whole defense runs around. They are really playing well. If you watch the last three or four weeks they are playing great team defense.”


(on the message this week from Coach Harbaugh) “Just saying we do not change our style of play for the Super Bowl or whatever. We are still looking to set a physical tempo in the game. Start fast, go out there and execute. The thing the whole season is we have not changed our style of football. The message has been very consistent since the offseason.”


(on his favorite thing in New Orleans) “We went to a sweet restaurant last night. It was Oliver’s or something. It was really cool and good. Everybody went out.”


(on doing his own social media) “Yes. I do not hire anyone to do my jokes.”


(on if he enjoys using social media) “Yeah, I think so. It is a unique thing. It gives the opportunity to fans to interact with us and I enjoy the positive as well as the negative.”


(on his journey to this moment) “I started out as a skinny 200 pound wide receiver coming out of high school. I was a sprinter and all of that stuff. I was really fast. I ran a 21 in the 200. Then I got fat. I went to college. Brian Kelly came in my sophomore year. Played tight end my freshman year in college. Brian Kelly came in and said ‘We do not use tight ends in our offense but we want to keep you on the field in some way. We are going to move you to tackle.’ I cried my eyes out. I am not afraid to admit it. Almost transferred but then stayed, gained weight, busted my butt and got drafted.”


(on how much weight he had to gain) “I got to college at 220 pounds and left their at 290. So 70 pounds.”


(on how important the continuity on the offense line has been) “It has been awesome. The whole entire line’s continuity. This is the second year with the group. (Alex) Boone had not been starting until this season, but he has been in the offense for a while. Been there for four years, so very familiar with him. I think the chemistry we have had and we have been able to play this whole season (together). Nobody has missed many games. I think it is very important for an offensive line to have that continuity and chemistry with people. I think that is one of the big reasons why we are playing well.”