No DB’s and a Playoff Year Schedule

April 25, 2010 | Tom Federline

Ravens report – Heavy week. Heavy in that 1) 2010 season schedule released and 2) the Offensive and Defensive lines picked up 700 +lbs., with just two guys. The football buzz this past week was a welcome relief from the Orioles debacle. The orange and black birds are losing their wings fast while the purple and black birds are taking flight. Not even a month in and I’m counting down to the Ravens fist preseason game – just not right. UNLESS, Fire Trembley and the whole crew………..then ya got me! Whoops, off subject, I digressed.

RAVENS – Where are the DB’s? Were their only 3 in the draft worth taking? And the Ravens pass for (2) Tight Ends? Nobody better than any (healthy) defensive back, the Ravens have now? Wow, what a hurtin’ DB draft. Come on free agency or the Ravens should and will get lit up again. I heard Lardarious Webb is out for at least 1/2 the year. Not good – the Ravens only bright spot back there. Who knows how Edward Earl Reed Jr is feeling? Healthy – he is the best in the business. Hurt – like the last 2 years – Ravens in trouble. Ray-Ray going into his 15th year? That blows me away – I swear I just saw this rookie MLB machine playing against the Raiders, just a couple of years ago. Man, time flies. Seize the Moment people! Ravens Wanted Billboard – In Need of DB’s and someone tell Horribaugh not to run one of the best QB’s in the NFL into the ground like last year!

The Draft – Did you all like staying up Thursday night, with on the edge of your seat anticipation…………..for a trade? Did the Ravens owe the Broncos something? Do we bet the house the Ravens will win week #5? Are the Broncos going to pay for Sergio Kindles’ knee surgeries? What is with the 2 TE’s, back-to-back? Hey, I like the Kindle pick, bad knees and all. I’ve watched him play and healthy – the kid has a serious “Surge” button. How about one of his first statements to Baltimore press – “I’m getting Rookie of the Year”. He is going to fit in well with that defense. If Tavares Gooden comes around and I think he is on the verge……………I like the potential of those two on that linebacking crew together. The two tight end pick ups? Something is a brewin’ there. I like the BYU kid. To bad Kyle Boo-ller shortened Todd Heaps career by laying him out to many times. Heap has been an unsung player for the Ravens. The trade for an OLB and hopefully one TE? Only time will tell.

The Ravens also picked up meat at defensive tackle – Terence Kody (350+ lbs. ) – Alabama (the kid knows how to win). Just like Troy Smith – Do you hear that Jim Horribaugh? Whoops, I digress again. And how about this offensive tackle/guard – Ramon Harewood (360-400 lbs.) – Morehouse College? There’s a couple stories in the making. Maybe not movies – thank you Michael Oher and Sandra Bullock. But potentially nice stories. The whole darn draft was a nice story and done for the most part well, by ESPN and The NFL Channel from Radio City Music Hall (Cool Venue – if you get the chance – GO!)

Ravens Schedule – they should be in the playoffs. What a cool thing to say 4 months prior to pre-season. They start out rough, 3 out of 4 on the road and that Opening Game 1 vs. Jets in their new stadium deal. Let’s ruin the party. It’s payback for “69. They have a well timed bye week – middle of the season. Then finish up 4 out of 6 at home. First glance in April and I see post season. Maybe I’m just “Livin’ On a Prayer” – (Bon Jovi) and hoping for some success from one of our bird teams. Fire Trembley and the whole crew! Whoops, there I go again. Go Ravens!

And while we are talking football ………..for you Mr. 34OZ…………I guess I haven’t heard from you in awhile, due to your fascination with Dancing With the Stars. I know you have been glued to the TV every Monday and Tuesday pulling for and voting for your favorite “professional” football player —- Chad (85) Johnson! You go Ocho! Man, that guy has talent. When it comes to dancing, Emmit Smith has nothing on Ocho y Cinco. I kow you can’t wait until he pulls out the “gold grilles” or a “sharpie” or maybe even a yellow Hall of Fame jacket. Whoops, I digress.