Not in My Back Yard

December 20, 2011 | Thyrl Nelson

Storyline #9 – Team of Destiny…We Hope


Isn’t that what the Packers ultimately became last year in overcoming a multitude of injuries yet improving on their way to a Super Bowl title? After suffering a couple of major setbacks on the injury front in the last few weeks, the Packers might be in that conversation again, but for now it appears that if there is to be an against all odds world champion this season it’ll be the Texans.

You might guess that head coach Gary Kubiak has the lockout more than anything the Texans accomplished on the field last season for his continued employment. Further, after being anointed AFC South champs upon the news of Peyton Manning’s absence for the season, the Texans have been tested readily along the way to their first ever playoff berth. They started with Arian Foster banged up to begin the season, lost Mario Williams early and for the season, have lost Andre Johnson for substantial clips during the season and lost starting quarterback Matt Schaub and backup Matt Leinart in rapid succession late. Still the Texans march on, faltering for the first time under rookie QB CJ Yates to the Panthers on Sunday. If the Texans do ultimately attain glory it’ll be well deserved and surely satisfying, but their journey so far has been downright painful.

Storyline #8 – The Mike Martz Show


How many times are we going to see this guy reborn? Having seemingly sold out to the Martz system during the off-season by exporting tight end Greg Olsen and importing old Martz charge Roy Williams, the Bears had their bumps along the way to the harmony and rhythm that they seemingly found before losing QB Jay Cutler for the season. The falloff from Cutler to backup Caleb Hanie was predictable, but the extent to which it’s happened is like starting over at square one (or negative one for that matter). Surely the NFL isn’t long for Matrz at this point and he’ll likely be reenacting his mad scientist routine at a college near you really soon.