Not in My Back Yard

December 20, 2011 | Thyrl Nelson

Storyline #7 – The Michael Vick Show


Vick is pure electricity and still as polarizing a personality as you’ll find in the NFL or in sports in general. The Vick show has been fun to watch and impressive in its evolution, but whether or not it can support a championship formula is still debatable. What’s not debatable is that Vick’s style of play still predisposes him to more injury risks than most, and no matter your opinion of Vick as a quarterback it’s tough to build a season around a guy who’ll predictably only get to play part of it.

Storyline #6 – Detroit’s New Bad Boys


The resurgence of the Lions back to relevance is and should be a refreshing one. And before Ndamukong Suh and co. unleashed their own special brand of fury on the league it was. Now though these Lions have devolved before our eyes from a young, hungry, punch you in the mouth type of football team to a walking band of personal fouls waiting to happen. Reputations in the NFL (especially bad ones) are easy to come by and tough to shake. These Lions will have work to do in order to restore theirs to the degree that it won’t be a hindrance to their aspirations of winning football games and continuing to restore the Lions’ relevance.

Storyline #5 – Dream Team


While the Vick show got it’s own deserved spot on this list, the rest of the Eagles locker room isn’t without drama outside of Vick’s own spectacle. The self proclaimed dream team, winners of the August version of the Lombardi Trophy, the headline grabbing collection of talent that are this year’s Philadelphia Eagles are their most disappointing team in quite some time (which is kind of saying something) and although not technically eliminated from the playoffs are far from playoff relevant. There’s also the matter of taking care of the lockers room’s stars who were there and producing before the team’s big free agent splash and who will have to be rewarded in kind eventually.