Notes from Coach Harbaugh’s Monday press conference

December 15, 2008 |

On the game yesterday

 -Gave the Steelers credit for winning a tough game

Fans yesterday at the game

-Thought the fans were amazing for the job they did cheering during the game

On touchdown call

-He had talked to some people in New York last night  and they felt like the right call was made. Coach Harbaugh said that his opinion on the call does not matter.

On moving past the game last night

-Talked about how Joe Flacco was here this morning and by 9:30 a.m. had already watched the film of yesterday’s game and started watching film on the Cowboys

Frank Walker spitting incident

-On the Frank Walker spitting incident, Coach Harbaugh said that he does not believe Walker spit on anyone.

On facing the Cowboys

– Facing the Cowboys will be a great challenge and they will embrace being there for the closing of the stadium, they will be a part of history and look forward to closing it out the right way

Playoff hopes

-Coach Harbaugh pointed out that they are aware of playoff scenarios, and know that nothing matters right now other than them winning.