Offseason begins and ends with resolving Flacco contract

February 07, 2013 | Luke Jones

Defensive tackle Haloti Ngata continues to recover from a knee injury sustained in the second half of the Super Bowl, but any concerns about the long-term prognosis of the Pro Bowl defensive player seem to have dissipated.

Ngata has been walking on the knee without crutches and was scheduled to undergo an MRI on Thursday.

“Nothing serious with Haloti. There are some things in there,” Harbaugh said. “We’ll just have to see, but it won’t be anything that should keep him out of training camp or anything like that.”

Meanwhile, Newsome received a favorable report on Wednesday regarding the status of McClain, who was placed on injured reserve in December after suffering a bruised spinal cord. The fifth-year linebacker expressed concern during the week of the Super Bowl that doctors were unsure of his long-term prognosis as far as being able to return to the football field.

McClain injured his neck in the Ravens’ Week 14 loss against the Washington Redskins.

“We’re still looking at Jameel,” Harbaugh said. “I’m very optimistic based on what Ozzie shared with us [Wednesday]. We’re very optimistic about that.”

Just Joe for tag

Should the Ravens not use the franchise tag on Flacco, Newsome confirmed they will not use it on any other player such as Kruger or Ellerbe.

“If we get a deal done with Joe, we will not franchise another player,” Newsome said. “We will not do that.”