Ogden hints that he is done

March 13, 2008 |


According to the Las Vegas Review Journal, Jonathan Ogden has not officially retired, but says that “the Ravens know to proceed with their offseason plans as if I’m retiring. So if I come back, it’s great, they said, but they’re proceeding as if I am not.”


Ogden also say’s that he is “leaning toward retiring,” because he is a perfectionist out on the football field and it irritates him because he can not play at the level he’s accustomed to playing.

“I do not want to play if I can’t play at the level I’m capable of playing at,” he said.

My gut is even more solid now that J.O. is done and is hanging it up. I was convinced once the Ravens parted ways with Mike Flynn. If you notice in the article J.O. never refers to the Ravens as we, he refers to them as “they.”

I just think that he is hanging it up.

So does this make you feel one way or the other that he is done?