Our Ravens-Patriots Slaps to the Head

January 22, 2012 | Glenn Clark

Lee Evans,  Sterling Moore

After Baltimore Ravens victories, Ryan Chell and I award players who made positive contributions with “Pats on the Ass” during the “Nasty Purple Postgame Show” on AM1570 WNST.net.

To the surprise of some, there were no Pats to be given following the Ravens’ game Sunday. They fell 23-20 to the New England Patriots at Gillette Stadium in the AFC Championship Game to end their season.

So instead of offering “Pats on the Ass”, Ryan and I again offered “Slaps to the Head” postgame. A slap on the side of the head from a coach tends to come along with them saying something along the lines of “you’ve gotta do better than that.”

Same rules as there were with Pats. Two offensive players, two defensive players, and a Wild Card (Special Teams player, coach, or another Offensive or Defensive player). One player gets “two slaps” (or a slap on both sides of the head), it’s the opposite of a “Player of the Game” honor.” Ryan and I select five different players after each game.

Here are our five Ravens that have “gotta do better than that.”

Glenn Clark’s Slaps…

5. Terrell Suggs

4. Dannell Ellerbe

3. Michael Oher

2. John Harbaugh

1. Lee Evans (two slaps)

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  1. The "Armchair QB" Says:

    I promised myself not to get too excited about this game today because of a lack of confidence in the coaching staff and a team with a propensity for beating itself as it did today. If winning “ugly” is unbearable to watch, losing “ugly” is really unacceptable! Flacco has proven conclusively that he has everything it takes to be an outstanding QB in this league for a long time, unless his insipid detractors think that it’s not enough to put the ball on the money in “clutch” situations as he did today, only to have a perfectly thrown TD pass dropped in the end zone. What this guy really needs is better coaching/play calling and better receivers along with better protection! Hopefully, Bisciotti will take the necessary steps to remove the coaching impediments and Ozzie will handle the personnel as usual. And, while they’re at it, they can get rid of the “not-so-special” special team’s coach, too! So, another winning season ending on a sour note…….

  2. Doug in Ellicott City Says:

    I take Harbaugh off and put Cundiff in his slot.

    (Edit from GMC: Cundiff was #1 on Ryan’s list…Page 2. We agree to pick five different.)

  3. Brad Says:

    Let’s face it folks. The Ravens will never get to a Super Bowl with Scrubaugh and his boy Cameron at the helm. Great times find a way to win these types of games, and the remainder of teams find a way to lose it. This team is above average, but cannot get over the hump with a lousy offensive coordinator and a very limited head coach. Each year, they find new, and really amazing ways to lose to team they are better than talent wise.

  4. Franchise Says:

    How about Cam Cameron’s play call on 3rd down that lost five yards trying to pull a Guard when you are ripping off chunks of yards at will with power runs behind Leech….No need to get cute when Cundiff needs yards to get into range….Instead we can’t lineup for a 52 yarder and go for it on 4th and fail!!!

    Bye-Bye Cam….What’s the over/under on how days it will take Bisciotti to pull the trigger???


    Frustrated Franchise

  5. Ray Says:

    I think what really cost us the game was the first 3 and outs to start the game. Make one of those count with a sustained drive that would lead to points or field position or even just to wear down the defence and give our defence more rest time and the whole game may have ended different… Too bad we did not have anything better to offer than 3 runs to start each of those drives….

  6. Icraponratbirdfans Says:

    Respect due to those teams who have WON 6 Superbowls, not the guys who are the perennial runners-up.

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