Our Ravens/Bengals “Slaps to the Head”

December 29, 2013 | Glenn Clark

After Baltimore Ravens victories, Ryan Chell and I award players who made positive contributions with “Pats on the Ass” during the Creative Deck Designs Postgame Show on AM1570 WNST.net. (Tim Horsey filled in for Ryan this past week.)

The Ravens fell to the Cincinnati Bengals , meaning there were no Pats to be awarded.

So instead of offering “Pats on the Ass”, Tim and I offered “Slaps to the Head” postgame. A slap on the side of the head from a coach tends to come along with them saying something along the lines of “you’ve gotta do better than that.”

Same rules as there were with Pats. Two offensive players, two defensive players, and a Wild Card (Special Teams player, coach, or another Offensive or Defensive player). One player gets “two slaps” (or a slap on both sides of the head), it’s the opposite of a “Player of the Game” honor.” Ryan and I select five different players/coaches after each game.

Here are our five Ravens that have “gotta do better than that.”

Glenn Clark’s Slaps…

5. AQ Shipley

4. Haloti Ngata

3. Marshal Yanda

2. Joe Flacco

1. Terrell Suggs (Two Slaps)

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  1. ragman Says:

    How about Ozzie for #1 slap. He picked a lot of this garbage. Jimmy Smith wasted #1 pick, three years in and he has had 3/4 good games. Matt Elam wasted #1 pick , guy played at Florida and plays D like he has never seen a pass. Hopefully Elvis has left the building – did this guy get his uniform dirty this year- played not to get hurt so he can cash in this spring. Ravens – don’t resign this turd. T “Cold as Ice” Suggs, great stats 1 tackle today; how many guys did he have to do to get pro bowl votes.

  2. Chuck Says:

    QB play was bad all season: 19 TD, 22 INT, 33rd lowest passer rating BEFORE today.

    Not having Boldin finally bail him out on 3rd and 7, 3rd and 8 this season really hurt.

  3. Dan Says:

    Dont forget Ozzie , Boldin had a Great year ,
    Don’t call it Hindsight , ,
    We knew that was a bonehead move from day one .
    I think he caught 9 for 149 yards yesterday ,
    ( go nine’ers )

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