Our Ravens/Lions “Pats on the Ass”

December 17, 2013 | Glenn Clark

After every Baltimore Ravens victory, Ryan Chell and I take to the airwaves on “The Creative Deck Designs Postgame Show” on AM1570 WNST.net to offer “Pats on the Ass” to players who have done something to deserve the honor.

We give pats to two defensive players, two offensive players and one “Wild Card”-either another offensive or defensive player, a Special Teams player or a coach. We offer a “Pat on Both Cheeks” to someone who stands out, our version of a “Player of the Game.” Ryan and I select five different players/coaches each.

Here are our “Pats on the Ass” following the Ravens’ 18-16 victory over the Detroit Lions Monday night at Ford Field…

Glenn Clark’s Pats…

5. Dean Pees

4. Daryl Smith

3. Jacoby Jones

2. Joe Flacco

1. Jimmy Smith (Pat on Both Cheeks)

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  1. BK Says:

    Glen, How the hell can you not give the ‘both pats’ to Tucker? Jimmy Smith may have done a descent job on CJ, but CJ still had 6 catches for almost 100 yards AND dropped two WIDE OPEN passes that may have given him 8 for 150 and a TD. How do you think CJ got so wide open, bad coverage? That is reason to give Jimmy Smith the best player of the game award? I usually agree with most of your assessments, but IMO you are way off on this one. Keep up the good work.

    (Glenn: BK-we pick five different players each. Ryan had already “drafted” Tucker and made him his #1, so I had to pick from the remainder.)

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