Our Ravens/Texans “Slaps to the Head”

October 21, 2012 | Glenn Clark

After Baltimore Ravens victories, Ryan Chell and I award players who made positive contributions with “Pats on the Ass” during the “Nasty Purple Postgame Show” on AM1570 WNST.net.

The Ravens fell to the Houston Texans 43-13 Sunday at Reliant Stadium, meaning there were no Pats to be awarded.

So instead of offering “Pats on the Ass”, Ryan and I again offered “Slaps to the Head” postgame. A slap on the side of the head from a coach tends to come along with them saying something along the lines of “you’ve gotta do better than that.”

Same rules as there were with Pats. Two offensive players, two defensive players, and a Wild Card (Special Teams player, coach, or another Offensive or Defensive player). One player gets “two slaps” (or a slap on both sides of the head), it’s the opposite of a “Player of the Game” honor.” Ryan and I select five different players/coaches after each game.

Here are our five Ravens that have “gotta do better than that.”

(NOTE: Not all photos from today, some photos courtesy of Houston Chronicle.)

Glenn Clark’s Slaps…

5. Christian Thompson

4. Terrence Cody

3. Michael Oher

2. Jimmy Smith

1. Joe Flacco (Two slaps)

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  1. Lisa, Aberdeen Says:

    Some of these guys could get slaps in the head, win or lose, each week.

  2. Steve from Sandpoint Says:

    When you lose by 30 and get your asses kicked all over the field don’t expect to see the Super Bowl this year. It’s one thing to lose a close game, but the Ravens did not show up today and should have stayed on there charter plane. Harbaugh needs to apologise to the fans for this performance.

  3. Boyce Says:

    I don’t understand why Pollard is on Ryan’s list. He was a little hot headed on a few plays, but I thought be played at least like a B. I know it’s hard to pick a few players, but anyone on the O-line and D-line should have filled Glenn and Ryan’s 5 slots. There a lot of others that deserve it, but you got to start with the O/D lines.

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