Paging T-Sizzle, Paging T-Sizzle…

August 13, 2008 | Drew Forrester

Someone needs to let Terrell Suggs know there’s a football season on the horizon.

While the rest of his teammates battle their way through Camp Hardball, T-Sizzle continues to sun himself in Arizona.

Some “franchise player” he is, eh?

The team’s real franchise player, the middle linebacker on his way to the Hall of Fame, will continue to run the defense (and, some say, the team as a whole) while Suggs plays this silly game called “watch me take advantage of the system so I don’t have to go through training camp.”

It was bush-league three weeks ago when he first failed to show up and it’s still bush-league today.

Oh, that’s right, T-Sizzle “knows the defense” so his absence is somehow more acceptable.  Yeah, tell that to Jarrett Johnson and Bart Scott.  A Ravens vet tells me they’re thrilled with Suggs’ no-show-act.

“Franchise player”…talk about a conflicting term.