Pees depending on outside guys against 49ers’ running game

January 31, 2013 | WNST Staff


(on what he sees in San Francisco that is special) “The option pistol stuff that they’re running, I know Washington runs it some, but it’s a little different. Everyone talks about No. 7 (Colin Kaepernick), but 21 (Frank Gore) can beat you just as easy as 7 can and he’s still, to me, the main focus.”


(on the threat of the passing game and on how well Colin Kaepernick can throw the ball deep) “He’s very good, he’s very accurate, but again, I think he’s done a great job and they’ve done a great job with putting him into a system and building a system to make him successful, but to be able to throw the ball deep you have to have guys that can run deep. (Michael) Crabtree and Vernon Davis and Randy Moss can run deep. You can have a guy that can throw a deep ball, but if you don’t have anybody that can actually get to it then it doesn’t make any difference. The difference is, they can really spread the field on you.”


(on preparing for the Super Bowl compared to the season) “Every week the quarterback has less and less ability to run. First of all, we had (Andrew) Luck, (Peyton) Manning a little less, (Tom) Brady a whole lot less, and now all of the sudden we’ve got this guy. It’s as different as it could be in the last four weeks.”


(on comparing Washington’s offense and San Francisco’s) “There’s a difference in the running game. Really Washington, for the most part, went to the zone read and the option. The difference with San Francisco is that they’ll line up in the pistol and run all the zone options, but they’ll run their whole offense out of that same look, where Washington didn’t necessarily do that. The passing game is a lot different.”


(on who will be in the main stress points defensively when the pistol is being run) “Whoever is playing five-technique or six-technique. It’s whoever is over the tackle or at the end of the line of scrimmage. Those are the guys, not that the inside guys aren’t very accountable to it, but the guys that he’s really trying to option are always the guys that are at the end of the line of scrimmage. That could be an outside backer or a five- technique defensive end, either or.”


(on how much of a level of discipline and reaction has to be employed) “You’ve got to be a football player. It’s this simple, just like in all defenses, you have an assignment, but they bottom line is we are to tackle the guy who has the football.  That’s the main thing. Going in and blowing up No. 7 (Colin Kaepernick) when you know he doesn’t have the ball really serves no purpose. We need to tackle the guy with the football. If you think 7 has the football, then tackle him. If you know he’s handed it off, then go play football. That’s still the bottom line of defense.”


(on the big stage this will be for Colin Kaepernick) “I have no idea of his mental makeup. I don’t have any idea if this is going to be a big stage for him. Obviously it’s a big stage, but he handled the NFC game pretty well, away and in a hostile environment. The way we approach it is that he won’t have any problems handling it and we wouldn’t ever want to handle it any other way.”


(on what he sees on the 49er’s tape) “They’ve got a lot of plays. If you chart all their plays, they’ve got a little bit of everything”