Pees knows it’s tough to replicate Kaepernick in practice sessions

January 30, 2013 | WNST Staff


(on how much pressure QB Colin Kaepernick puts on a defensive coordinator) “No more pressure than it put on last week with Tom Brady and Peyton Manning the week before. Just a different style, so we’ve got to figure out a way to have a good scheme and a good game plan for him.”


(on how Kaepernick is a different style quarterback compared to Robert Griffin III) “I just say the way they run. They’re a different style of runners just like every running back. Every running back has their own style of running.”


(on how he approaches Kaepernick since he’s effective running and throwing) “There’s nobody is this league that is strictly all passing, or anybody that is all running. They all have balance. The difference is the types of runs and the types of passes that they do. When you look at the Patriots, they’ve probably had one of the best years that they’ve ever had running the ball. You can’t go in and just say, ‘It’s all Tom Brady and we’ve got to stop the pass and not stop the run.’ You’ve just got to have a scheme and a game plan that takes away as much as you can for both. There is no defense that can take away everything. If that were the case we’d all play it. You’ve just got to pick your spots and do a good job of game planning and trying to take away what they do best and that’s the same way with San Francisco, it’s just a different scheme.”


(on what he’s observed about Kaepernick’s arm) “It’s very good. Not only does he have a big arm, but he’s very active. Good player, a really good player.”


(on the Patriots saying that Kaepernick was faster than they thought and if that’s a danger) “Sure it is, because I thought that happened to us in the Washington game. You go out there and practice assignment, assignment, and assignment of football.  You get through it and everybody knows what to do, and then all of a sudden, the guy pulls the ball and is gone. You can’t really replicate that in practice as much as you would like to. That’s always a concern.”


(on if he feels his defense can contain Kaepernick) “If we do what we’re supposed to do, I think we can. Yes.”


(on if teams are starting to find quarterbacks to better run their scout team) “If they haven’t, they probably should.”


(on if they have a good quarterback running their scout team) “Yeah, Tyrod’s (Taylor) pretty good and Dennis Dixon is also very good at it. They’re good at it because they know how to run it and they know what to do. It’s still different on game day. The speed of the game changes, but that’s true even if you have a quarterback back there doing the stuff that Tom Brady does. The velocity on the ball may not be the same from your backup quarterback as it is with Tom Brady or Peyton Manning. You just do the best that you can and our guys do a great job for us.”


(on why they took their time bringing back LB Terrell Suggs) “What we wanted to do when he first came back was just really bring him back slowly and try to figure out what he could do. We didn’t want to put him in harm’s way out there and take him out there and all of the sudden he get hurt again and really do some damage. It took a little bit to try to find out where he was and we took our time doing it.”


(on if the old Terrell Suggs is back) “He’s getting closer and closer to the old Suggs.”


(on if linebackers coach Ted Monachino could be an NFL defensive coordinator) “Absolutely. His attention to detail- he’s extremely serious. He knows the scheme from front to back and knows a lot of the game, not just his position. He knows the entire front and how the coverage’s coordinate with the front. Tremendous coach.”