Play Like a Raven – Week 2

September 22, 2009 |


As the Ravens have adopted “Play Like a Raven” as their team mantra for 2009 (and beyond?), here at the Nest I decided that each week I’ll give out an award for the player who most exemplified that sentiment in the previous game. And, if fitting, I’ll also call out the player who needs to step up their play to the level of “Raven.”

Played Like a Raven – Ray Lewis


How fitting that our inaugural award go to the man who pretty much defined “Playing Like a Raven,” as he has been setting the gold standard in B’More since the team’s inception in 1996.

With his 12 tackle, 1 forced fumble performance, which included what he called the best play of his career, the game-ending hit on Darren Sproles, Ray Ray, as always, played like a Raven.

Did Not Play Like a Raven – Fabian Washington


Washington loves to do the “You Can’t See Me” dance whenever he makes a play. Well, Fabe, on Sunday EVERYBODY could see you…see you getting torched again, and again, and again. The entire secondary had a rough day in San Diego, but Washington had the worst day of the bunch. To cap it off, his bad day ended with a likely concussion suffered with about 7 minutes left in the game. Washington’s status for this week is still uncertain, but if he does see the field, he will need to remind himself to play like a damn Raven this time.

To his credit, Washington is well aware that he struggled, posting on his Twitter Sunday, “Thanx for all the support but honestly I played terrible.”

We forgive ya Fabe, but let’s pick up the play from here on out.