Players making plays was key to the game

November 24, 2008 |

That was the main key to the 36-7 victory over the Eagles on Sunday according to Coach Harbaugh. Here are some other notes from the Monday press conference.

– Coach Harbaugh gave a lot of credit to Cam Cameron for having an offensive game plan and sticking with it throughout the game and not panicking when things were not going their way.

– Coach Harbaugh was also proud of the effort and attention to detail that the defense showed throughout the game, even with the change at quarterback.

-Although the Bengals(1-9-1) are team that is struggling right now, Coach Harbaugh said it will be a tremendous challenge for the team. The Ravens have not won in Cincinnati since 9-26-04, having lost the last three trips they have taken to Paul Brown Stadium.

– ” A special feeling”, is how Coach Harbaugh described the end of the game as Ray Lewis and Brendon Ayanbadejo dumped water on him and the talk with the team in the locker room following the game.

– With Thanksgiving coming up this week, Coach Harbaugh meet with some of the veteran players about a schedule for the holiday that allows them to get their work done, but also be able to spend time with their families.

– On the injury front, Adam Terry and Trevor Pryce both suffered concussions during the game on Sunday. They both should be ok, but it is to early to tell according to Coach Harbaugh.

-Coach Harbaugh once again sang the praises of Jared Gaither and the job that he did being forced into playing duty on Sunday with the injury to Adam Terry. According to Coach Harbaugh, Gaither took another huge step as an NFL player on Sunday.

– Ed Reed was a huge factor in the game with his play on Sunday, inlcuding his 108yd return for a touchdown. Coach Harbaugh talked about how he has seen Reed take over a game like that before, but it was amazing to see it in person and up close and personal.

– The tackle of Brian Westbrook by his jock strap was brought up to Coach Harbaugh as to whether he has ever seen anything like that before,” I haven’t I think it is a testament to the resilience of some of the football equipment that they are putting out these days.”

Ravens linebacker Antwan Barnes (50) stops Eagles running back Brian Westbrook (36) by the seat of his pants for a two-yard loss in the third quarter.

– Coach Harbaugh said he could care less and has no thoughts about the time of the Redskins – Ravens game being moved up to 8:15 p.m. He pointed out that they will be ready and will be there on time.