Pollard ready to hit Kaepernick when he gets opportunity

January 30, 2013 | WNST Staff


 (on the uniqueness of preparing for 49ers QB Colin Kaepernick) “You look at (Washington’s) Robert Griffin III, you look at Kaepernick and they’re very special talents.  They’re guys who can kill you with both their arm and their legs.  It goes back to being smart as a defense.  Everyone can’t try to do everyone else’s jobs.  If you do that, they’re going to find an opening.  We’ve had two weeks to prepare.  Anything that’s happened in the past doesn’t matter.  We just need to be sound and know what we’re doing.”


(on the legacy of Ravens General Manager Ozzie Newsome) “For us as football players, we always respect a guy who played the game, a guy who understands the game and a guy who was successful playing the game.  Then to have that guy come into the front office and run things is special.  Ozzie has done a great job.  He’s been successful in this organization and he continues to be successful.  He understands the players that he wants in his system.  He doesn’t necessarily want the best player in the draft.  Ozzie wants whoever is going to fit the system.  Ozzie and our scouting department have been great with that.”


(on playing for the Ravens) “This is as good as it gets.  I’ve been in two other organizations and it’s been great.  I started out in Kansas City with Lamar Hunt.  What a great man and one of the smartest dudes I’ve ever met in my life.  But Baltimore has been really freaking good to me.”


(on if the 49ers’ read-option offense is a fad) “You invest all of this money in a quarterback and you  put him out there on an island where when they start running, they’re no longer protected.  In the day and age that we’re playing in, they’re protected if they’re going to throw.  But if they are going to do all of this handing off and wanting to run, then they’re not protected.  You respect the talent that these guys (QB’s who run the read-option) have, but at the same time, they’re not built to take the hits.  You want to believe that their careers will last playing the read-option, but it’s not a reality.  But Colin Kaepernick is smart.  He knows when to get down, he knows when to get out.   The guy can run his tail off and he can throw the ball very well.  If we get the chance to hit him during the read-option stuff , we’ve got to take advantage of those shots.”


(on 49ers WR Randy Moss) “Randy is Randy.  That dude can stretch the field.  He has unbelievable hands.  He’s been successful his whole career.  Nobody doubts what he’s done.  Randy is an amazing talent.  He’s a veteran in that locker room who’s been there and who’s done that.  I’ve got nothing but respect for the man.”


(on people saying that with his style of play, he was born to be a Raven) “When you look at the style of defense that the Ravens have always played, and the players that they’ve had, you know it’s special.  When I got here, everybody embraced me.  So I thank God all the time for the position that I’m in to be around all of these characters.  These guys are unbelievable and we embrace each other and love each other.”


(on if he worries about being fined for hard hits with his style of play) “I don’t play thinking.  The way the league is trying to go, they want you to think about the hits and the shots and all of this other stuff.  It’s an offensive game and they’re trying to move it in a certain direction.  In Baltimore, we don’t roll that way.  We’re going to hit you.”


(on if he’d want his son to play football) “If my son wants to play when he gets older, we’ll have to let him test it out.  My son will be five tomorrow but I don’t want to groom him.   He sees Daddy play football all of the time. He’s very physical,  but I’d rather put a basketball or a golf club in his hands.   I’ve seen it, I’ve done it (football) and it’s tough, but it’s been good to my family.   At the same time, I don’t want to see my son go through the pain and all of the stuff that I’ve been through.  It would be very tough to watch my son go through it.”


(on if the recent Sports Illustrated report about Ray Lewis is a distraction) “We’re going to become tighter. We’ve been through this all year long.  We’re not going to worry about what somebody said.  We’re going to come together as a team.  We’re not going to allow anything to come in and mess up what we’ve got.  This is our time.  This is the Ravens’ time.  This is not anyone else’s time.  We’re going to enjoy it.  We’re not going to allow anyone else to come in and break us apart.”

(on teammate Haloti Ngata saying that Pollard is the team’s most high-maintenance player) “I’m not surprised.  My teammates tend to get upset with me because I carry my hand sanitizer, I carry my disinfectant wipes, my baby wipes. When you sneeze, I tell you to cover your mouth, and when you cough, I tell you to cover your mouth. If you pick your nose, I tell you not to touch me.  They don’t like that.  But that’s how I came up.  My Mom would yell at us if we drank out of someone else’s glass. It’s just one of those things where that’s how I grew up. That’s how my Mom raised and groomed us. But I’m starting to rub off on some of the guys.  Now you see some of them also with hand sanitizer in their pockets and everything else.  It’s like I’ve told my teammates.  We’ve got to be clean.  We’ve got to protect each other.  (joking) But some guys are disgusting – they ought to be ashamed on themselves.  The nastiest dudes on the team are Jah Reid, Arthur Jones and Terrell Suggs. I’m just teasing on those guys.”


(on the camaraderie of the team at the Super Bowl) “These are times that you can’t take away.  This is precious time.  This is why so many players love the locker room.  They love the atmosphere and the camaraderie with all of the guys.  It’s special and we enjoy it.”


(on 49ers QB Colin Kaepernick) “If he runs, you’ve got to hit him.  He’s basically a running back who can throw the ball very well.  He’s showing people that he’s capable of playing in this league.  He’s able to win.  I think he’s started nine games.  His play says a lot about him.”


(on the past fines he’s incurred from the NFL for hits) “I’ve paid my fair share.  But I’m not going to stop playing the way I play. We’re supposed to get a form back telling us who we donated money to (with our fines), but that hasn’t happened.”