Pollard’s locker room antics draw the ultimate penalty flag

March 14, 2013 | Drew Forrester

Penalties and unnecessary roughness flags also plagued the hard-hitting safety.  The former teammate cited one penalty in particular that unsettled the locker room. “Before the Indianapolis game, Harbs made a point of reminding us all about the late hits and the fact that we couldn’t afford any crucial penalties in a playoff game.  With six or seven minutes left (editor’s note: It was actually with 3:46 to play) in the game, Pollard cracked Reggie Wayne for no reason at all.  Right there, in front of the official, he just cracked him.  We looked at each other like, ‘Is this guy serious or what?'”

The penalties and lack of discipline didn’t go unnoticed by Harbaugh and his staff.

On the field, Pollard was a solid run stopper who was suspect in pass coverage.  That, alone, wouldn’t have been enough for the Ravens to part company with him, but it made their decision a lot easier on Wednesday.

As I often say on The D&L Window Tinting Morning Reaction, what we see, as fans and members of the media, is about 5% of what REALLY happens within an organization.  We just see the games.  Those of us with press passes do get a closer look at things, but it’s limited at best.  In Pollard’s case, what we didn’t see was the consistent complaining and locker room lawyering that created more friction than his production provided.

If nothing else, the decision to cut ties with Pollard shows once again that Harbaugh puts chemistry and team unity high on his wish list of important items.

“As a player, when you see another guy in the locker room trying to undermine the coach on a regular basis, you sort of wonder when the coach is going to take control,” said Pollard’s now-former teammate.  “It does become the coach vs. the player, ultimately.  And we all wait around to see who’s going to win.  It’s an unnecessary distraction if it builds up, which this did.”

The distraction is moving on to his fourth team in eight seasons.

And the Ravens will move on as well.